The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 262

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Chapter 262 - Opening a casino (3)

"That's simple. I would just have to find a reliable person to help us run the casino. Then, we'll say that we had sold the casino to others." The intellectual acuity of Qi Xia as a businessman was truly unmatched.

After the last bit of concerns had been resolved, the five people had immediately decided to carry out the plan.

The underground casino, which had been closed for nearly two months, was reopened after three days. And the object of the business was no longer bound to the students of the Holy Roland School, but expanded to the surrounding towns.

When someone spread the news that the crystallic nucleus could be used as a gambling stake, a large number of mercenaries began taking the crystallic nuclei they had been storing in their warehouses to the casino.

Rather than a real gold and silver, they were more willing to bet out those tasteless crystallic nuclei for their entertainment. Anyway, these things were not going to be sold out and would just occupy s.p.a.ce when placed in their warehouse. Naturally, the heads of every major mercenary corps were willing to let their people use these things and go to the new casino to try their luck.

In the first few days, due to Qi Xia's instructions, the casino manager was very generous to the guests. He had let a lot of people who tried to gamble taste the sweetness of winning. And those mercenaries who had won a lot of money, quickly spread out the news, so that more people began to take a stock of crystallic nuclei and some other things to join the gamble.

Within a week, the number of crystallic nuclei that Shen Yanxiao had acc.u.mulated had reached 10,000. In addition to the crystallic nucleus, some medicinal materials had also began to enter the casino. This result had greatly exceeded the expectation of both Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xia.

After the number of customers had been stabilized, the casino manager had immediately displayed his skills, gathering the large amount of gold coins they’d prior lost back to the casino.

And instead of losing more money, the amount of gold coins that the five people in Shen Yanxiao's group had acc.u.mulated every day had reached tens of thousands.

Such speed of making money was totally astonis.h.i.+ng.

Shen Yanxiao took the crystallic nuclei they had collected and fed it all to Xiu.

Due to this, Xiu's strength had been recovering with each pa.s.sing day. Finally, after one month of business with the casino, Shen Yanxiao had successfully achieved her goal, making her able to untie the third layer of the seal.

That evening, Shen Yanxiao had slipped from the Holy Roland School and quietly ran to the Black City. She went to a hotel where she had decided to spend the night.

The scene when the second layer of the seal was untied was still vivid in her memories. She didn't want for Tang Nazhi and Ling Xuan to be shocked in case there would be another accident when she untie the third layer of the seal.

In the dead of the night, Shen Yanxiao was sitting alone inside a hotel room in the Black City as she looked at the candle on top of the table. She took a deep breath.

"Xiu, we can begin."

Shen Yanxiao blew the light of the candle and sat on the bed. She slowly closed her eyes before her spirit went into the depths of her soul.

Inside her mind, she could faintly see two vague figures. As she gradually condensed her spiritual power, the two figures gradually became clearer as well.

The Vermillion Bird, who had a child-like appearance, was arrogantly crossing his arms on his chest with two of his legs suspended in mid-air. Those pair of large scarlet eyes were fixed at the person opposite of him.

On the other side was a tall, slender figure; his hair that was hanging down along his back and shoulders was like a black silk fabric, jet-black and luminous, and without any slightest decorations. That long black hair complemented the knife-like face that appeared in Shen Yanxiao's eyes.

Shen Yanxiao thought that she had seen the most with Shen Siyu and Qi Xia's countenance. But the moment her eyes fell on the man's face, only then did she knew what perfection really was.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 262

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