The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 The G.o.dly Thief Makes Her Move Part 2

Within the master room, Shen Feng’s complexion was as black as the base of a pan.

With Shen Duan as the head of the second generation and Shen Yifeng as the head of the third generation, each one of them had an emaciated look on their face.

Without a doubt, being the most important member of the Vermillion Bird clan apart from Shen Feng, the clan head, the rest of the them had their purses completely wiped out. There was no need to say about money, even those few golden tools that they had collected in their rooms had all also subsequently disappeared without a trace.

Among them all, the most miserable one was Shen Jing. In order for him to be able and have a better “thorough experience” with numerous beauties, Shen Jing would never have forgotten to buy a few precious stones and pearls everyday as he returned. A few days ago, he only had recently competed in buying  large quant.i.ties of top notch precious stones from the commerce. However, today, during early in the morning, just when he was preparing to take out those precious stones and present them to those beautiful women, what was left for him was only just an absolutely empty jewelry box…

The thing that made his hair standing in anger was that this little thief had no conscience at all! This thief unexpectedly did not even let those few tiny precious stones which was on top of the jewelry box, even those few tiny precious stones were all dug out!!!

Shen Jing already did not dare to count the amount of lost that he had suffered this time around. He only knew that in the future few months to come, he would have to wave his hands and bid farewell to those beauties…

Ever since the establishment of the Vermillion Bird clan, they had never suffered such a loss before like today!

Although to the Vermilion Bird clan, the money lost could only be considered to be a hair from nine oxen, that thief’s att.i.tude had angered them!

During that one night when the entire important members of the Vermillion Bird clan were robbed, surprisingly, there wasn’t anyone who had discovered it happening from the beginning till the end. Just like that, it had allowed that person to quietly steal away that huge amount of money and this simply was a contempt to the prestige of the Vermillion Bird clan!

Due to the economic problem and also because this involved their dignity, how could Shen Feng not care about this matter?

“You guys are a group of good for nothings, for you guys unexpectedly did not even notice that someone had entered into and was stealing in your room!” Shen Feng’s anger was not light. Even though, over the last hundreds years, the Vermillion Bird clan was already incapable of rousing the Vermillion Bird, the offsprings’ strength have yet tor disgrace the clan.


This surely was ‘great’ for right after they have fallen asleep, their rooms were entered and had their stuffs stolen completely. Were this group of people all idiots? For they unexpectedly didn’t even had the slightest bit of perception.


“Dad… As for this, you can’t blame us for that person surely came prepared and that person’s skill could be on par with chief of the ‘Silver Hands Group’. Even second brother failed to discover it and it can be clearly seen just how good that person’s skill is.” Being the person who had suffered the most lost, Shen Jing had a bitter face as he explained.

In seeing that Shen Jing had mention about the ‘Silver Hand’, Shen Feng slightly frowned because the ‘Silver Hand’ was a group of robbers with enormous reputation on the Guangming continent. It was said that each and every one member of theirs had a completely exceptional skill and among the ‘Silver Hand’, the chief was the strongest. According to the rumours, so long as there are things that he had fancied, then there would never be one that could not be stolen.

“Don’t tell me it is the people from the ‘Silver Hand’…” Shen Yifeng couldn’t help but to mutter out for the loss he had for yesterday was not small.

“It can’t be so.” Shen Feng swung his hand as he said, “The ‘Silver Hand’ was located far from G.o.dly Wind Alliance. Even if there are members that are mingling at Long Xuan Empire, they would only just be small fries that are too inferior to be shown to the public and they would simply be unable to conceal themselves from your attention then advancing in stealing.”

“Then could it be the chief of the ‘Silver Hand’?” Shen Yue asked.

Shen Feng shaked his head.

“Although that person was arrogant, it is still unlikely to go as far to be impudent at Long Xuan Empire and oppose the Vermillion Bird clan. In addition to that, according to the urge of his, he would surely send a notification in advance to every target that he has made.”

In eliminating the possibility of the ‘Silver Hand’, everyone was even more at a loss. Could it be that on this world, was there still any other thief with excellent stealing technique that had not been admitted into the ‘Silver Hand’?

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 26

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