The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 276

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Chapter 276 - A Master of Pharmaceutics (2)

With that in mind, Shen Yanxiao immediately complied with Lou De's words and didn't utter a single word while following behind him.

The library’s ninetieth floor was completely different with the floors below. Here, there was no mountains of books, instead there were huge cabinets filled with potions placed in some areas.

Inside the rows of cabinets were hundreds and thousands of potions. The sunlight that came in through the library’s windows sprinkled on the various potions of different colors, making them as dazzling and beautiful as a motley crystals.

Shen Yanxiao's eyes were tightly attracted by those potions. She could see a lot of high level potions that could only be heard in legends.

Looking around closely, it seemed that all the cabinets in the ninetieth floor were filled with high level potions.

A single bottle’s cheapest price of these high level potions was thousands of gold coins, while the most expensive ones would be around tens of thousands of gold coins.

Shen Yanxiao roughly estimated in her mind that the total value of the high level potions placed on the ninetieth floor was enough to buy five cities!

Unconsciously, Shen Yanxiao's hands were getting a little itchy.

If she could get all these potions, then for the next ten years, she would not have to worry about money.

[Annoying Sky: Rip. Welp just don’t be spotted.]

Lou De took Shen Yanxiao through an aisle and walked until they were in front of a huge wooden door.

Lou De carefully tidied up his clothes, then gently knocked on the wooden door.

"Come in." An old voice sounded behind the huge door.

Lou De immediately pushed the wooden door open.

More than ten huge refining medicine tables were arranged inside of the room. And each of them was made out of the highest grade crystal stones. On every crystal tables were expensive concoction utensils, which have the highest quality that were priced at 3 million gold coins.

An 80 years old man was quite busy in front of a refining medicine table. So, Lou De's entry didn't even gave him the slightest reaction. His gaze was glued to the crystal bottle on the fire. Standing beside the old man was a handsome young man who'd took a glance at Lou De. He greeted politely: "Mentor Lou De."

Lou De nodded and said: "Shangguan Xiao, you've come quite early today."

Standing beside the old man was the top student of the Pharmaceutical Branch, Shangguan Xiao.

Shangguan Xiao's cold face revealed a faint smile. When he noticed Shen Yanxiao, who was standing behind Lou De, he was stunned for a moment.

"Lou De, why did you come here?" The old man, who was immersed in making a potion, unhurriedly looked up at Lou De.

"Master Pu Lisi, I have come here today to tell you something." Lou De's att.i.tude towards the old man was very respectful.

"What's the matter?" A glimmer of shrewdness flashed in Pu Lisi's pair of old eyes. He was one of Holy Roland School’s few Master Pharmacists, who was also famous throughout the entire Long Xuan Empire. Even Ouyang Huanyu was treating him with some degree of respect.

Those who could reached the pinnacle of their strength tended to have eccentric personalities. And, these Master Pharmacists were naturally those. They lived inside the library, and rarely do they appeared in public. Some of them had even been in the library for five years and didn't even take half a step outside. Their studies in pharmaceutics could be said to be in a demon state.

[Annoying Sky: Pffft, for a pharmacist, they don’t even know that no contact with sunlight is bad]

"I heard from Dean Ouyang that you wanted to find some gifted students in the Pharmaceutical Branch as an a.s.sistant. I am here today to recommend a student to you." Lou De said respectfully.

"Oh?" Pu Lisi looked at Lou De and then noticed Shen Yanxiao who stood behind him.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 276

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