The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 281

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Chapter 281 - I refuse! (1)

"Shen Jue, what are you saying?" Lou De's jaw dropped to the floor.

Shen Yanxiao actually accepted Pu Lisi’s  challenge!

What a joke. Although Shen Yanxiao had successfully concocted an intermediate level potion, in the end, that was only an intermediate level potion. The potion that Pu Lisi was making was very likely a high level or master level potion. There were no words to describe the difference of the difficulty between this potion and the Breath Concealing Potion. And previously, he still had to give Shen Yanxiao a demonstration.

He didn't feel that with Pu Lisi’s current mood, he would be so kind as to give Shen Yanxiao a demonstration.

Even if it was just to balance Hou Core Gra.s.s and the Ice Rest Flower to remove their repulsion effect against each other, he would also need a higher level skill to do it.

Shen Yanxiao was just too arrogant this time.

Even Lou De, who was familiar with the strength of Shen Yanxiao, was very pessimistic about it, let alone the others.

Pu Lisi sneered at Shen Yanxiao and said: "Good, if you have the abilities then try it. If you have the ability to balance the Huo Core Gra.s.s and the Ice Rest Flower together well, and keep their original properties, I'll accept Lou De's recommendation and let you stay here to be my a.s.sistant in the library!"

He didn't believe that this little kid could really use the Huan Yun Flower to remove the repulsion of the Hou Core Gra.s.s and Ice Rest Flowers.

If it was that simple, he wouldn't have a headache.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and didn't say much. She went straight to the refining medicine table, picked up some portion of the potion that Pu Lisi had concocted, the same potion that Pu Lisi had used before, the only difference was that the potion hadn't been added with a Hou Core Gra.s.s and Ice Rest Flower yet. Shen Yanxiao leisurely put the potion aside, she took out a Hou Core gra.s.s from the medicinal herbs at the side.

She didn't use the Hou Core Gra.s.s’s powder that Pu Lisi had refined, but using her own hands, she grinded a new Hou Core Gra.s.s into a fine powder.

Ye Qing stood silently on the side. Watching how Shen Yanxiao refined the medicinal herb, a trace of appreciation flashed in his eyes.

Shen Yanxiao was dealing with the Hou Core Gra.s.s slowly, but perfectly. The extra rhizome and foliage were carefully removed by her, leaving only the branches to be dried and crushed. She grasped the time to dry perfectly, and just when all the sap was evaporated, the Huo Core Gra.s.s was taken down and placed in the mill to be processed.

Such skillful refining techniques, even Ye Qing couldn't find a trace of flaws.

In fact, Shen Yanxiao didn't know why she could refine the medicinal herbs so perfectly, she just subconsciously felt that it was the best refining method. It was as if there was an invisible force that drove her to deal with the herbs in the most perfect manner. This strength didn't came from her daily acc.u.mulation of pharmaceutical knowledge, it was more like a natural thing. She could clearly identify which part of the Hou Core Gra.s.s was the essence and which were the weak parts that could be thrown away.

Even in the Desiccation stage, she could rely on the faint smell to grasp the right time.

All of these seemed very strange, and Shen Yanxiao herself didn't know the reason. She only considered the gift in her body was inherited from her mother.

Pu Lisi saw that Shen Yanxiao's skills in refining was perfect, yet he just snorted and didn't make any evaluation.

Refining of medicinal herbs was not much of a problem, it didn't mean anything.

After Shen Yanxiao had refined the Huo Core Gra.s.s, the crystal bottle filled with potion was heated up on the fire.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 281

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