The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 315

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Chapter 315 - Deep Magic Potion (2)

The potion was quietly placed on the table, and compared to the previous ones that weren’t so highly accomplished, its color was very pure and any trace of impurities couldn’t be seen in the crystal clear fluid.

The mentors, whose eyes had been subjected to continuous destruction, immediately focused their attention on the bottle of potion in front of them.

Shangguan Xiao stood aside. Although there wasn’t any expression on his face, his slightly raised eyebrows showed his proud mood at this moment.

"This is a bottle of Deep Magic Potion?" A mentor quickly confirmed the name of that bottle of potion. With surprise in his eyes, he hesitated to look at Shangguan Xiao.

Shangguan Xiao nodded.

A glimmer of shock appeared on the mentors’ faces.

Although the Deep Magic Potion was an intermediate level potion, everyone knew that the process of concoction of the Deep Magic Potion was very complex, and its demand for such pharmacists was very high. The effect of this potion was also very useful. Any Advanced Magician, who had consumed excessive magic power, would instantly recover their almost depleted magic to full value upon drinking this potion.

The Magician's strength was fully mastered by their continued magical attacks. Without the support of magic, the tyrannical Magicians could only hold their staff and watch helplessly. But with a Deep Magic Potion, they could quickly restore their magic power and continue to release powerful magical attacks.

It could be said that the Deep Magic Potion was a very important potion for Magicians. It was very likely that it could save their lives at the critical time.

However, although the effect of the Deep Magic Potion was strong, the incidental after effects brought about by it were also very strong.

So the average Magicians dared to drink only one bottle at a time. If they consumed more than three bottles at once, the user would fall into a five-hour period of weakness afterwards in that day. And during the time they couldn’t use any magic, it was feared they wouldn’t also be able to even lift up their wands.

Having said that, the Deep Magic Potion was still sought after by the Magicians.

The concoction of the Deep Magic Potion was so complicated that even the Intermediate Pharmacists couldn’t try to concoct it easily. It could be said that of all the intermediate level potions, the Deep Magic Potion was definitely one of the best potions.

Shangguan Xiao deserved to be the top student of Pharmaceutical Branch. The potion he concocted for the compet.i.tion was remarkable.

The previous potions were simply a few bottles of rubbish compared to this Deep Magic Potion. They weren’t comparable at all.

After the inspection of these mentors, they discovered that the completion degree of this bottle of Deep Magic Potion actually reached as high as ninety-six percent!

It was almost perfect!

The mentor’s eyes which they used to look at Shangguan Xiao were full of praise and comfort. The Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Branch wasn’t the strongest among all the academies in the Long Xuan Empire. Holy Roland School’s reputation had always been based mainly on the Magicians, so the current senior students of the Pharmaceutical Branch weren’t particularly gifted.  The Pharmaceutical Branch’s mentors were having a headache about this situation for a long time now.

They thought that their Pharmaceutical Branch obviously had several outstanding Master Pharmacists, and yet the Pharmaceutical Branches of other school had still managed to out-s.n.a.t.c.hed other students from them, so how could they swallow it down.

Now, they had a Shangguan Xiao in their branch office, and the situation now was different.

With the talents of Shangguan Xiao, nevermind the pharmacist students in the junior year, even if all the students in the senior year were pulled out, none of them could contend with him.

With Shangguan Xiao’s pharmaceutical talents, the Pharmaceutical Branch’s mentors could see their proud school’s glorious future.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 315

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