The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 318

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Chapter 318 - Fake Death Potion (2)

He would like to see what kind of potion this little demon had mysteriously concocted.

Seeing that the mentors invited Pu Lisi to come out, Shen Yanxiao secretly chuckled. If even Pu Lisi couldn’t identify what kind of potion this was, then it was possible that his t.i.tle as Master Pharmacist would become a joke.

In any case, she would only bit her lip and remain silent. After all, these people most likely find it embarra.s.sing to ask her for more details about the potion anyway.

Pu Lisi walked towards the table where the potion was placed. The partic.i.p.ating students were standing reverently and respectfully at the other side of the table. Even Shangguan Xiao had a n.o.ble air as he respectfully walked to Pu Lisi’s side.

It was only Shen Yanxiao who didn’t act the same as they did. Her arms were crossed on her chest as she stood calmly and unruffled at the same place. The corner of her lips didn’t have any smile and she didn’t even give Pu Lisi the slightest respect.

It was useless to respect this p.r.i.c.k.  She had long shed all pretense of cordiality towards this narrow minded old man. Even if she slightly bowed her head now, it would still be impossible to win even a little bit of affection from him. So why should she humble herself and pay her respects to an old man who didn’t conduct himself with the proper decorum of a master?

When Pu Lisi looked at Shen Yanxiao, he just coldly snorted.

This uneducated little brat!

Shen Yanxiao gave him a quick glance while staying calm and unperturbed.

This old man didn’t have any good will!

The group of mentors couldn’t help but feel scared as sweat started to continuously drop down on their foreheads when they looked at this cold and explosive atmosphere between the old man and this young kid.

It was as if there was thunder and lightning when these two people met!

"Master Pu Lisi, I have to trouble you." A mentor quickly opened his mouth to avoid this situation to continue to develop further.

Pu Lisi reluctantly went in front of Shen Yanxiao’s bottle of potion and disgustedly picked up the crystal bottle before placing it under his nose to smell it.

A faint scent of herbs permeated his nose. This fragrance was a bit peculiar; it wasn’t as strong as other potions, and it didn’t have any special smell nor did it provoke a person’s sense of smell.

He was unable to describe the feeling.

When Pu Lisi smelled it, there was a moment of stiffness.

This smell…

He remembered this smell!

A few months ago, Ye Qing had told him to go to his own floor to discuss something. That was when Pu Lisi had smelled this strange scent.

At that time, he was a bit curious and asked Ye Qing.

Ye Qing then told him that he was concocting a new intermediate level potion.

A Master Pharmacist was actually trying to concoct an intermediate level potion? This made Pu Lisi very surprised.

So, when Ye Qing told him the formula and the effect of this potion, Pu Lisi was struck by lightning.

That potion was called Fake Death Potion. It could allow a person to lose all the characteristics of being alive for a short period of time. There would be no heartbeat, pulse, breathing, and even the body would gradually lose its temperature - as if the person was really dead.

If someone drank the Fake Death Potion while lying on the ground, the people pa.s.sing by would definitely treat him as if he was a dead person.

In the past, it wasn’t that there was no such potion like Fake Death Potion, but the potions of this type all had a similiar problem.

It was the inability to control one’s body temperature.

When the human body temperature dropped to a certain extent, it would directly threaten human life.

And that would be a true death, not any fake death anymore.

However, this Fake Death Potion that Ye Qing had concocted, not only could it reduce the temperature of the human body, but it could also save people's lives at the same time. It allowed the person to die temporarily, and after the effects had pa.s.sed, they would come back to life once again.

It could be said that it was a huge innovation for similar potions. This was a brand new potion.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 318

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