The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 322

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Chapter 322 - Ending with a Victory (3)

Qi Xia’s arm was resting on Tang Nazhi’s shoulder while watching Shen Yanxiao in the compet.i.tion area, and an inexplicable smile was hanging on his mouth. Beside him was Yan Yu and Yang Xi who had also just arrived. They all witnessed Shen Yanxiao’s glorious moment, and they were all happy for her.

At this very moment, the freshman students were cheering loudly while the junior and senior students were feeling ashamed and without any trace of spirit.

Their cla.s.smates had been severely beaten up by their junior. Could they still show their face and act arrogant in front of these freshman students?

Shangguan Xiao bowed his head silently under these cheering voices. This time, he was defeated and by quite a large margin. He had clearly come up with one of the most tyrannical intermediate level potions, but he still couldn’t contend with Shen Yanxiao.

This was the first time that he had been defeated in pharmaceutics with such a strong blow, and it severely dampened his self-esteem.

He left the stadium quietly when no one was paying attention. He felt that everything over there was a mock to himself.

The Pharmaceutical Branch’s top student was defeated by the hands of a freshman who had been in school for less than half a year.

He really couldn’t look straight into the fact that he had been defeated that easily.

The compet.i.tion ended with the overwhelming victory of Shen Yanxiao. After giving Shen Yanxiao some reminding words, the mentors let the little guy go.

Shen Yanxiao didn’t have enough time to step out of the stadium when a tall figure hugged her up.

"Haha, you, little girl, is really amazing, ah!" Tang Nazhi laughed and lifted Shen Yanxiao up with both of his hands. Shen Yanxiao’s weight wasn’t even a challenge to him at all.

[TL Razpyon: Tang Nazhi, ummm, you really wanna exposed her or nah? XD]

Shen Yanxiao was suddenly lifted so high, causing her to stare blankly for a moment. She then looked dumbfoundedly at Tang Nazhi’s bright smile.

"Hey, stupid fool, put me down!" Although her body was only a half-sized, little demon, her soul was already an adult. Being lifted high like this was just...

"I’m not putting you down!" Tang Nazhi mischievously laughed.

"That’s enough!" Shen Yanxiao glared at Tang Nazhi. She was really speechless. She was the one who won, but this guy was actually way happier than she was.

Qi Xia and the others also came over. Watching Shen Yanxiao being raised by Tang Nazhi, they couldn’t help but expose a look of laughter.

"You three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, don’t just laugh, tell him to put me down." Shen Yanxiao was feeling depressed while constantly struggling with her legs. Her victory was enough to attract attention. Now that Tang Nazhi was doing this, all the students who hadn't left yet were looking at her.

"Nazhi, put her down." Qi Xia smiled gently. He was rarely in a good mood to actually discourage Tang Nazhi's actions.

Tang Nazhi then put Shen Yanxiao down.

"This is a job well done. So brother, I'll treat you to a good dinner tonight..." Tang Nazhi smiled and rubbed her head.

"That’s a must. I help you saved a lot of money." Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows. After all, she really saved those pieces of gold coins that Tang Nazhi used to bet.

"Yes yes, my eldest sister, you're the best," Tang Nazhi said in a tone like he was coaxing a child.


Shen Yanxiao just gave him a supercilious look.

"Right, I heard that there is a bet between Nazhi and Shangguan Xiao. Since you won, how would you deal with that bet?" Yan Yu smilingly asked.

Only this time did Tang Nazhi remembered the wager between him and Shangguan Xiao.

"About this wager, I already have given it to Little Xiao to deal with. But isn’t that Shangguan Xiao guy awfully complacent? He actually wanted me out of the Pharmaceutical Branch, now I'd like to see who's going to get lost.”

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 322

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