The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 328

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Chapter 328 - Treasure Hunting in the Pharmaceutical Storehouse (3)

"In all four corners?" Shen Yanxiao’s eyebrow rose slightly. It seemed that Ouyang Huanyu was still very clever. He knew how to avoid the inertia of people’s minds, hiding the real precious medicinal herbs in the most obscured places. So, if the winner of the compet.i.tion would follow the normal way of thinking, then chances were that person would miss the four corners of the room.

Shen Yanxiao immediately walked towards the east corner of the room. Sure enough, in the east corner, there were three cabinets, and inside of them were extremely precious medicinal herbs which were still difficult to buy even if one has a lot of money.

One by one, she examined those medicinal herbs. She wasn’t in a hurry to take them. Instead, she examined all the cabinets in each corners of the room.

After circling around, Shen Yanxiao couldn’t help but sigh. Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Storehouse was indeed rich. If they were to sell all the medicinal herbs found in each four corners, she was afraid that even tens of millions wasn’t enough to get them.

And the fact that she could only pick one kind of medicinal herbs this time made her completely depressed. This was very upsetting for Shen Yanxiao who was used to directly picking precious things upon seeing them.

There were at least fifty or sixty different kinds of medicinal herbs that were needed to concoct the Blood Feast Potion.

Faced with such a difficult problem in choosing, Shen Yanxiao felt really gloomy.

Helplessly, she could only open those cabinets one by one and choose the most valuable herb.

While Shen Yanxiao was feeling depressed, she found that there was something wrong with a type of medicinal herb called White Marsh.

White Marsh Herb was one of the vital herbs in Blood Feast Potion. And based on its value, it could be compared to an eight rank magical beast nucleus.

But the White Marsh Herb in the cabinet was somewhat different. White Marsh Herb was a small white flower with seven petals, and the edge of each petals had ripples. Yet, although this White Marsh Herb before her eyes had ripples, there was a certain difference with the general White Marsh Herb, which made her feel a bit weird.

It was reasonable to say that each characteristics of medicinal herbs was fixed. But the ripples at the edge of this White Marsh Herb wasn’t the regular semicircle, but rather it had a certain angular shape. Only, it was a small difference that if you weren’t to personally touch it and carefully examine it, you wouldn’t be able to find out this difference.

This made Shen Yanxiao very puzzled and she suspected that this White Marsh Herb had a problem. At that moment, Xiu suddenly opened his mouth.

'How come this herb is here?’

There was a rare tone of surprise in Xiu’s voice.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised for a moment and immediately asked, "Xiu, do you know about this herb?"

Xiu answered, 'Correctly speaking, this is not a medicinal herb. This thing is a Demon Spirit plant that grows in the underworld where the Demon Clan lived. Demon Clan wouldn’t use this Demon Spirit plant to make any potion but instead they would cultivate it along with two other demon plants which are used to captive demons.’

“Demon Clan’s plants?" Shen Yanxiao didn’t expect that this plant that was similar to a White Marsh Herb turned out to be from the Demon Clan.

'Yes. Although this plant is similar to one of your human herbs, they are still fundamentally different. Demon Spirit plant cannot be eaten. Even those demons with high toxin immunity didn’t dare to eat it. This Demon Spirit plant itself has a strong toxicity and dark elements, if the demons would cultivate it along with Skeleton Flower and Inflammation Gra.s.s, it would produce an atmosphere rich of dark elements. The Demon Clan used these dark elements to cultivate powerful demons. After taking a lot of dark elements, demons would produce certain changes. These mutant demons had once brought a terrible catastrophe to the continents in the war between G.o.ds and Demons.’ Xiu’s voice was still as cold as snow, but it was mingled with a hint of doubt and a trace of curiosity.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 328

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