The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 351

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Chapter 351 - Departure (2)

The man’s voice was cold as he continued to talk, "So before the end of this task, please put aside your prejudices against one another and instead put cooperation in your minds. As long as this task is completed, I will certainly give out a satisfactory reward for everyone."

A lot of mercenary corps’ leaders said that they would cooperate well this time, even if there was any gap between each others before, no one would want to miss the rewards of this task.

Everything was ready and the lead man brought everyone out of the city, but he didn’t tell anyone where was their destination. They just had all the mercenary corps follow their carriage.

Since leaving Black City, each people from various mercenary corps were on their own carriage.

Because mercenaries often travel to far places, horses and carriages were the most basic equipments.

Shen Yanxiao, Du Lang and Vicious Wolf were sitting in the same carriage. Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps owned a total of 13 carriages, of which three were responsible for the delivery of food and daily necessities, and the remaining ten were being ridden by the mercenaries. In addition to the carriage that Du Lang took, the remaining nine carriages could accommodate generally six to seven people, and there was still a mercenary outside the carriage responsible for driving.

Then another five people were riding a horse in the middle of these horse-drawn carriages.

The carriages of these Mercenary corps’ weren’t extravagant, it paid more attention to the security, so the whole ride was unusually b.u.mpy.

Shen Yanxiao wasn’t so delicate, sitting down inside this b.u.mpy carriage was nothing to her. She had been sitting in the back of the carriage and listening to the conversation between Du Lang and Vicious Wolf.

"Leader, the employer didn’t tell us where the destination is, but just let us follow behind their carriage, just what is the meaning of this?" Vicious Wolf couldn’t help but ask. There was no clear goals, and they didn’t know how long the time would go forward. Such a hopeless journey really made people feel very uncertain.

Du Lang leaned in the carriage with his arms folded on his chest, he took a faint glance at the scene outside the window and said unhurriedly, "Phoenix is a rare magical beast for hundreds of years, these people must have paid a lot of money to obtain the traces of the Phoenix. They certainly will not allow anyone to reveal the location of the Phoenix. He told us to follow his carriage in order to ensure that no one will find a way to sneak away the news to other forces.”

Phoenix's existence was too rare, once the location of the Phoenix’s nest was disclose to the  public, it was feared that it would immediately attract the interest of tens of thousands of people.

In addition to Senior level Professions, the Long Xuan Empire had many more powerful presence. If they were determined to s.n.a.t.c.h the Phoenix, it would be difficult for them to compete with just their current group.

Vicious Wolf scowled slightly. Du Lang was right. Although they had signed agreements with the employer to keep the entire task confidential, it was still difficult for a thousand-person team to guarantee that there wouldn’t be a few unruly b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. Those people were likely to sell the news after they knew the exact location of the Phoenix’s nest.

Although majority of the mercenaries were b.l.o.o.d.y righteous guy, it would inevitably be mixed with some perfidious mercenary trashes.

"Leader, how much are the odds of completing this task?" Vicious Wolf asked.

No one had seen a Phoenix before, and now, their goal was only a rank eight high level magical beast. Even if they had a large number of partic.i.p.ants in this mission, they still couldn’t guarantee that the mission would be successful.

Du Lang replied, "If the employer didn’t give out any incorrect information, with this group of people, we should be able to seize the Phoenix and get the reward."

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 351

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