The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 353

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Chapter 353 - Mount Ku Luo (1)

Vicious Wolf was baffled. From the moment Shen Yanxiao joined the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps, Vicious Wolf and the little guy didn’t exchange even a single word. He was still harboring some conflict inside his heart about the existence of this drag.

Du Lang actually asked this little brat about the Phoenix, which was too funny. How could a little fart brat know something about it?

At her age, he guessed that she was still reading fairy tales, and he was afraid that this little brat had seen the Phoenix’s name from a fairy tale book.

"Huo Xiao, do you really know the habits of the Phoenix? If you know, please do tell us so we could make preparations in advance." Du Lang asked tentatively. Huo Xiao had evidently concealed some things from him. He could only extract some information about the Phoenix from his mouth as much as possible.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at Du Lang. She knew that even if she didn’t say anything right now, he would always find opportunities to ask later.

"Phoenix belongs to the fire magical beasts, good at fire magic attacks. The general Phoenix’s nests are built in a place with a dense fire elements. The temperature in the Phoenix’s area is often higher than some normal places." Shen Yanxiao picked up some less important information and revealed them.

"A place with a dense fire elements?" Du Lang narrowed his eyes. Shen Yanxiao's words gave him some information. Although the employer deliberately concealed the location of the Phoenix’s nest, but if they know the conditions of the Phoenix’s area, then Du Lang could think of several possible areas based on this conditions.

"In the northeast of Long Xuan Empire, there is this Mountain called Ku Luo, where the fire elements are very dense. The temperature is also much higher than many other places, and the plants growing in Mount Ku Luo are the extremely heat-resistant iron trees and the fire dusk However, there are often mid level magical beasts roaming about. Only few people set foot on there. And since there are very poor resources, usually no one will go to that place. According to what you said, the Phoenix nest will be located in a place with dense fire elements, then the nearest possible place from Black City that meets this condition, I'm afraid it is Mount Ku Luo.”

Du Lang paused, then continued, "The area around Mount Ku Luo was once one of the battlegrounds in the war between demons and G.o.ds thousands of years ago. These pieces of lands contained extremely powerful elemental forces due to the war between demons and G.o.ds. If people would stay on these lands for too long, the tendons in their bodies will be crushed by the powerful force of the elements. That’s why no city exists around the vicinity of Mount Ku Luo. It can be said that from Black City to Mount Ku Luo, one couldn’t find a single silhouette of a person."

In a sense, Mount Ku Luo was a restricted area of Long Xuan Empire.

Although the battle of the demons and G.o.ds had been thousands of years ago, the formidable powers of the Divine Race and Demon Race remained on the lands of the human beings. And the place which became the main battlefield of this war hadn’t been able to produce any life even after thousands of years had pa.s.sed. Even plants with strong vitality could never survive.

Time didn’t diminish the tragedy of that war from the eyes of the world, but as time went by, those silent forces belonging to millions of years ago had been telling the world that the two most powerful races, had engaged in a world-shattering battle once in this piece of land.

Countless demons had fallen, the purple blood covered the earth, and the Holy G.o.ds had faced their demise one by one, with their divine power taken away.

It was a history that everyone could not forget, a tragic battle between the Divine Race, the Demon Race and the Human Race.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 353

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