The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 356

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Vicious Wolf’s first impression and understanding of Shen Yanxiao became harder to believe the more he listened. He had thought that this little brat was only here to quietly watch at the sideline, he didn’t expect that just a few words from him could actually help Du Lang guessed this trip’s destination. And that also allowed Du Lang to give orders to their brothers to make advance preparations for the dangerous future ahead. With such a move, the damage they would suffer in this task would be reduced. But it was still hard to predict how how small their loss would be.


Vicious Wolf didn’t treat Shen Yanxiao as merely a child anymore. He began to listen carefully to every words that Shen Yanxiao was saying.


Thousands of troops continued to march forward in the vast expanse of the land. As time pa.s.sed, they moved farther and farther away from Black City and toward the unknown destination.


Late into the night, the team stopped in front of a forest. It was already evening and the sky had gradually turned dark, so all the mercenary corps had left their carriage and camped in front of the forest.


Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ members had their speed trained, so as soon as they arrived, they began the division of labor, as to who would set up the tent, who was responsible for lighting up fire, who was in charge of cooking, and so on. Even though they were riding the entire day and everyone was a little tired because of the b.u.mpy ride, they actually didn’t rest much at all, and immediately completed their own tasks at hand.


In just fifteen minutes, more than twenty tents had all already been set up. A campfire was also lit up in front of the tents. Then a cooking pot was hung above the fire as the fragrant food was boiling inside it.


On the other hand, the other mercenary corps were basically still struggling with the tents. Those mercenaries were already feeling their empty stomachs rumbling. Each and every one of them helplessly looked at the smoke rising from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ side, they swallowed their saliva with difficulties.


At the employers’ side, their group only had thirteen people, and they only set up four tents. The speed at which they finished their tasks was almost the same as the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. Du Lang and the main leader looked at each other, and both had expressed approval for their speed in completing such tasks.


"I’m exhausted. Sitting in a carriage all day long, my bones are going to fall apart. It isn’t as good as riding a horse." Mild Wolf rubbed his limp shoulders and sat on the edge of the fire waiting for the food to be cooked.


The seven wolves including Du Lang were sitting together, and Shen Yanxiao was naturally together with them.


Apart from Vicious Wolf, the other five wolves subconsciously ignored Shen Yanxiao, this drag’s existence.


Vicious Wolf, who was very unwilling to look after such a drag at first, uncharacteristically didn't show any dissatisfaction toward Shen Yanxiao this time. He unexpectedly took out a water bag and handed it over to Shen Yanxiao as he said, "We've been travelling for a whole day, here drink some water."


Vicious Wolf’s voice was somewhat awkward. He immediately turned his line of sight aside when the water bag was handed over, he didn’t looked at Shen Yanxiao anymore.


Shen Yanxiao just smiled faintly at Vicious Wolf’s display of goodwill. She could feel that Vicious Wolf’s att.i.tude towards her had undergone great changes after sitting together in the same carriage for a day.


Vicious Wolf had the worst opinion of this small drag before. And seeing him suddenly being so friendly towards Shen Yanxiao, the other five wolves’ expressions immediately became strange.


Wild Wolf, who had the best relations.h.i.+p with Vicious Wolf, took the opportunity to drag him to one side and cautiously asked, "Vicious Wolf, what's the matter with you? Your att.i.tude towards that boy is obviously not right.”


Vicious Wolf frowned slightly. He looked at Wild Wolf and muttered in a low voice, "Don’t ask so much. Anyway, Huo Xiao is a person that leader had personally invited, don't make things difficult for him.”


The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 356

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