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Unfortunately, how could the physical strength of these mercenaries be compared to the Cave Wolves mercenaries’ strength?


Riding for the entire day made them exhausted, and with great difficulty, they finally managed to rest for a short period of time. And yet, unexpectedly, their head rushed them to train. This decisiveness was too difficult to bear, simply unbearable.


Within just a day, each of these mercenaries, who had undergone harsh drills, were hanging their heads dispiritedly. Inside the carriage, their whole body felt incomparably weary and powerless. Everyone felt like they were dead.


Should they still train, should they not!?


If they don’t train, then at least during the day, they would have enough energy. But if they were to train, their little time of rest would be squeezed out from them, and they wouldn’t be able to be on the lookout.


In the front of the group of listless mercenaries, those heads had no choice but to cease all activities and be forced to give up their comparison mentality between their own mercenaries and the Cave Wolves mercenaries.


The Cave Wolves mercenaries better not torture themselves to the point of being unrecognizable, before they even got beaten by them when the time comes.


Although there were a lot of large and small mercenary corps in Black City, but because the Black City’s location wasn’t really a prosperous place, and the area wasn’t really that big, so the typical mercenary corps’ strength weren’t that outstanding. So much so that if those most prosperous cities in Long Xuan Empire would casually pull out a mid-sized mercenary corps, a few seconds would be enough to defeat them all. The only exception to this was the ones regarded as elites, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.


All mercenary corps’s performance and abilities were caught by the employer’s sight. For those incompetent mercenary corps, the main leader and his men showed a great disdain to them.


Such a gathering place of rubbish, they were actually so shameless to claim themselves as a mid-sized mercenary corps.


The days went by, and eventually on the twelfth day after their departure, a lot of mercenary heads finally realized where their destination was.


In front of them, they could see a boundless wilderness of the land, and on the dry soil were mottled fissures where hot airs were intermittently bursting out from within.


Thousands of people halted their footsteps before this desolate place. Aside from Du Lang, all the mercenary heads immediately felt their hearts leapt up into their throat upon seeing this piece of land.


They looked in horror at that desolate place. And the only shaded area, with high mountains and countless green vegetation all over the mountain, had covered everyone’s line of sight.


This piece of seemingly ordinary mountains had became a nightmare inside the minds of these mercenary heads.


Mount Ku Luo!


Their destination was actually Mount Ku Luo!


Legend has it that countless mercenary corps had cla.s.sified Mount Ku Luo as one of the three major restricted areas of Long Xuan Empire!


At this moment, all the heads’ faces became pale as white. As for the rumors regarding Mount Ku Luo, they had already knew it by heart. This place, which had let countless of elite mercenaries to die as they escape, was actually their destination.


"Are you kidding me!? Don’t tell us the Phoenix's nest is in Mount Ku Luo?" A mercenary head could no longer endure the shock in his heart and rushed directly to the main leader in front of them. His eyes were wide opened, and his tone was full of disbelief.


The main leader swept a faint glance at the noisy mercenary head, his eyes flashed a hint of disdain.


"Mount Ku Luo is a restricted area for mercenaries. I, your father, will not go in there just to suffer hards.h.i.+ps!” Another head had directly indicated his standpoint. They came here to make money, but they should be able to spend the money full of life!


Mount Ku Luo was very dangerous, and this had been engraved in every mercenary’s heart. Not only was this a mountain full of magical beasts, but hidden in every corner were also those opportunistic demons.


The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 360

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