The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 363

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Shen Yanxiao looked at the mercenary who was trying to appease her, and her mouth had a trace of a faint smile.

They were all clear about the dangers lurking inside Mount Ku Luo, yet not a single one from the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had retreated. At this moment, they actually still put in the effort to appease her, the one who was considered a “drag." She had experienced the same kind of action from her former comrades in her past life.


In exchange for that infinite warmth and support they gave her, the entire team ended up being wiped out during a mission from the organization.

This time, could she just let herself watch the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps suffer from the same outcome?

Shen Yanxiao secretly clenched her fist.

Although she wasn’t a good person, she cherished those people who were good to her. Du Lang’s original invitation did have other reasons. However, the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had sincerely looked after her during these past few days. Each of them had treated her as an ordinary little guy.

In her past life, she was being controlled by others, and she was powerless to resist.

In this world, she absolutely wouldn’t allow the same thing to happen in front of her eyes.

In some aspects, certain individuals were like beasts completely lacking moral integrity; however, they unexpectedly weighed the word camaraderie heavier than the heaven. It might be because she took it for granted in her past life, making her value friends.h.i.+p more this time.

Even if they were only together for a short period of more than ten days, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had already showed their concern for her. So she decided not to let any of them suffer from any danger!

Shen Yanxiao secretly made a vow. The other mercenary corps had nothing to do with her, but she would definitely protect the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps once they entered Mount Ku Luo!

On that side, a lot of mercenaries were in a great mess. Each and every one of the mercenary heads rushed before the main leader to question this matter about Mount Ku Luo.

The main leader’s face actually had a look of indifference as he watched this group of agitated mercenary heads, and his eyes flashed a cold meaning.

“I have explained this task to all of you as early as the morning of the day of departure, and everyone of you has agreed before. But now you’re backing out? What? Is it true the Black City’s mercenaries are all a bunch of cowards? To actually have the gall to accept the task, but not the guts to complete it? Just because you saw a little bit of difficulties, so you won’t lift your foot forward anymore? If the lot of you are so gutless like this, then don’t disgrace the name of the mercenaries; just scram and become a farmer,” the main leader sneered after the crowd. Every word of his was sharp, ruthlessly slapping the faces of these several mercenary heads.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes. What the main leader said wasn’t false. All of this had already been agreed upon before. According to the mercenaries’ rules, one must weigh their own strength well whether they were capable of the task. If they thought they had the ability to do the task, then they could take it. If somehow they found that they had wrongly judged their capabilities, they must still stick to the task and complete it with their best. This was the way it worked.

These people actually backing out of the deal was a serious insult to the word mercenary.


Shen Yanxiao sneered in her heart. The main leader wasn’t a good person as well. Although he named the gains and profits for this task and also mentioned that the goal was the Phoenix, he deliberately reduced the rank twelve Mythological Beast into a rank eight high level magical beast. This four-rank difference was enough to cause the annihilation of thousands of people. This person was seriously merciless.

The main leader’s scolding didn’t contain any obscene words in it, yet it still struck this group of mercenary heads so hard that they felt like their entire faces were bleeding. For a while, not a single word of refute could be heard.

It was true that their approach undermined the reputation of mercenaries, but it couldn’t be blamed on them all.

Who would have thought that the destination was Mount Ku Luo? This place was a nightmare for all mercenaries. Unless their brains were flooded with water, no one would take such a task.

One must say that this employer had exploited a loophole, letting this group of mercenaries think that they only had to deal with a mere rank eight Phoenix, but they didn’t expect that the Phoenix nest’s location would be so dangerous.


All of the mercenary corps here were also ranked high in Black City. If this matter was spread out in the future, it was feared that when someone wanted to hire them that time, they would surely consider their stains on this mission. Credibility was a key to mercenaries.

However, did they really want them to enter Mount Ku Luo?

The main leader seemed to be mocking them, making the complexion of these mercenary heads turned black. Knowing that they were now hesitant, he immediately sneered in his heart, then said, "Although Mount Ku Luo is known to be a terrible place outside, during that time, the mercenary corps, who had a narrow escape, only had a hundred of people altogether. Having no understanding of Mount Ku Luo and underestimating the enemies, led to their ending of having nearly annihilated. But who doesn't know the situation in Mount Ku Luo at present? Who would dare to underestimate the enemies? What's more, we have more than 1000 people in this team, even if the demons in Mount Ku Luo are thinking of making a move on us, they still have to worry about their ability to fight our thousand armies.”

From Eternal Love aka Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Shen Yanxiao: Ah, this is so boring. When will the fighting scene start?

Shen Yanxiao: *Plays with the sword* Oho, look guys I can balance the sword!

Tang Nazhi: Don’t play with swords, young lady! Go back to your scene and stop going out of the plot!

Shen Yanxiao: As if you didn’t just pop out when you aren’t even in this arc!

Qi Xia: *freeze Tang Nazhi* My bad, forgot to chain him. Now then if you’ll excuse us… *drags Tang Nazhi’s body*

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 363

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