The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 368

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If the Phoenix in Mount Ku Luo was beyond rank eight, then even the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps would have difficulties protecting themselves, what more if they were to help those who weren’t high quality mercenaries?


Half an hour later, these people who numbered more than a thousand finally entered the rumored Mount Ku Luo.


Having just stepped into the jungle, the mercenaries felt a disgusting atmosphere drifting from the forest.


"It's a demon," Du Lang frowned and squinted his eyes over the thick woods.


The remaining mercenaries became more alert.


Demons —these monsters that existed in the world had brought about many terrible memories to humans. Although they often received the task of eradicating demons, they often suffered heavy losses. The horrors of the demons didn’t only lie in their ferocity, but also in their cunning nature.


Although the lower demons could be recognized well by humans, the higher demons on the other hand could turn into an adult human. They hid in the crowd, waiting for an opportunity to act. Finding them was truly difficult.


This was the first time that Shen Yanxiao was so close to the demons. Although she hadn't seen the other side's real appearance yet, her heart was very excited.


Demons ah!


Xiu’s favorite food ah!


[TL razpyon: Hahahaha! Whatheheck SYX! XD]


She wondered if they would be against a few demons in this operation. If so, she could get a few crystallic nucleus. Not mentioning feeding Uncle Xiu, in any case, she could use them for Purple Baron.


If Du Lang and the others knew that in such a dangerous environment, Shen Yanxiao was actually thinking of such trivial matters, they probably would have pa.s.sed out on the spot.


In front of this little girl, the frightening demons that were being avoided by people, could only amount to a good thing for feeding a certain uncle and a bow. It really made a person dumbfounded.


Fortunately, that demon had not intended to attack this large army of mercenaries. It had only lurked in the dark and observed for a while before it disappeared without a trace.


From the beginning to the present, it did not reveal its appearance, but they knew it was gone because that appalling breath had already disappeared.


Shen Yanxiao was very depressed about not being able to see the demon’s appearance.


However, the mercenaries were relieved. What they didn’t want to happen was that they had just stepped in Mount Ku Luo, but they had already encountered trouble.


Lower demons liked to act in groups. There was no telling what troubles these demons could bring them. Suffering heavy casualties was possible even before they got to see the Phoenix.


Seeing that the demon had left, many of the mercenaries somehow relaxed, but Du Lang wasn’t very optimistic.


"That demon is definitely not a simple lower demon, or else, with a lower demon's mind, soon after discovering us, it will have quickly run away since there is no place to break through. But that demon was watching for a while before it disappeared; that proves he has a certain intelligence. For it to leave this time, I don’t know if I can call it a blessing or a curse," Du Lang said to remind his fellow mercenaries.


"Oh? Demons are as clever as people?" Shen Yanxiao had no fear of demons, but rather, a great deal of interest.


"The middle demon's mind isn’t any different than ordinary people’s minds. Higher demon's wisdom can be compared with many wise men among us. But for the demons, appet.i.te is always their first desire, so they prefer to hunt food directly. Otherwise, if the higher demons can unite with one another, I am afraid that the eradication of demons at that time wouldn’t have been so simple," Du Lang said cautiously.


Shen Yanxiao lightly chuckled. A thought came up in her mind.


It looked like there was still some distance from the Phoenix's nest. With the speed of their team, she was afraid that from this part of the mountain, they would reach the Phoenix’s nest in another day. It was already sunset, and it was estimated they would camp and rest when they were halfway up the mountain. Why shouldn’t she use that time to take a look at a real demon?


The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 368

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