The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 370

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As long as they didn’t stray too far from camp, they could just run back to the campsite if they were to meet something that they really couldn’t handle. With over a thousand people, what was there to fear?

Because of this subtle change in mercenaries’ hearts, a lot of mercenaries, who should have been staying at the campsite to rest, were sent by their own leaders to find low-level magical beasts.

Each mercenary head was unable to personally leave the camp due to the employer's face. They also didn’t dare to blatantly order their people. Therefore, they could only command a small group of mercenaries to sneak out.

However, all of this hadn’t escaped Shen Yanxiao’s eyes.

Not only she —even Du Lang had also found out this situation.

"Slipping away at this time, they truly are acting reckless." Shen Yanxiao looked at the backs of those few mercenaries who were quietly sneaking out. She suddenly chuckled loudly.

Du Lang looked at Shen Yanxiao with puzzlement. He also noticed those mercenaries who had been slipping away, but he didn’t say anything much about it. After all, those people were from other mercenary corps. As long as his fellow brothers in his corps didn’t sneak out, then everything was just fine.

However, listening to Shen Yanxiao say that, Du Lang thought that Shen Yanxiao seemed to have guessed something.

Along their way, this little guy didn’t look like a child at all. Her wisdom and caution made Du Lang quite admire her. Du Lang was very curious of her opinion about those people leaving without permission.

"Huo Xiao, what made you say that?" Du Lang asked.

Shen Yanxiao folded her arms on her chest. She was unperturbed looking at that group of mercenaries who were leaving while feeling at ease, so she said in a lukewarm tone, "This group of people were originally afraid of Mount Ku Luo’s image, and they dreaded it in their hearts. But when we got into the mountains, they found that the situation here isn’t as bad as what they had expected, and they have also seen that the number of low-level magical beasts here in Mount Ku Luo is a lot. So how can they not be tempted? Unfortunately, this group of people is short-sighted, only seeing the superficial benefits but ignoring the potential threat. Do they really think that the former mercenary corps will be killed by those low-level beasts to the point of being nearly wiped out?”

Shen Yanxiao paused and looked at those mercenary heads who were pretending to be calm. She smiled coldly and said, "As mercenaries, they don’t even have the slightest vigilance. Instead of doubting these unusual things, they intend to make a fortune. Indeed, the ignorant are fearless. I'm afraid that among those mercenaries who went out tonight, only a few would be able to come back alive tomorrow.”

There was a trace of immaturity in Shen Yanxiao's voice, but the words she had uttered actually made the seven wolves around her astonished.

Although they knew that it was wrong for those mercenaries to slip away, there were still at least one or two hundred mercenaries that had left tonight. Though it might be an insignificant number compared to a thousand of people, but that was also a striking number. Yet, Shen Yanxiao had actually said that only a few of these people could come back alive?

"Cough, I suppose they shouldn’t leave the campsite too far. There shouldn’t be much danger then." Demon Wolf was really frightened by Huo Xiao’s words. Although these mercenaries were greedy, they weren’t idiots. They absolutely wouldn’t leave the camp too far, so if they really met any danger, even if they weren’t be able to fight, escaping should still be possible.

Huo Xiao’s words were rather too exaggerated.

Shen Yanxiao lazily glanced at Demon Wolf, then casually said, "When the time comes, it might be beyond their control anymore."

"What do you mean?" The seven wolves were slightly startled. They all looked at Shen Yanxiao at the same time. After so many days of travelling together, they had gradually forgotten that the other party was just a young child. It might be because each word that came from Shen Yanxiao’s mouth every time, was enough to be compared to that of any adult.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 370

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