The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 4

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“This is the Seven Stars Locking Moon where there are 7 layers of seal sealing off all of your powers which has reduced you to a common people and also to be ridiculed as trash. If you are willing to a.s.sist me, I will help you in undoing the seals.”

Shen Yanxiao looked at the thing that was very hard to perceive by other people which was on the top of her arm. As she pondered over the reliability of the Devil’s words, the corner of her mouth curved into a devilish smile..

“Before proceeding with the discussion of details, shouldn’t you put out a hint of sincerity to let me know what  my future alliance’s circ.u.mstances are? Also, why is it that you are able to appear within my body.”

Within the whole world, it was very likely that there were a few people who were similar to Shen Yanxiao whoy would be daring to bargain with the ‘Devil’ that is existing in her body after their rebirth!

After a moment of quietness, the chilly sound had once again echoed.

“As for the strength that you have now, you still do not have the qualifications to know my name and you can temporarily call me as Xiu! As forf why I am within your body, you will have to wait till after you have undone the 7 layers of seals. Only then, will I inform you, for as of now you are too insignificant and knowing too much will only incur huge calamity.”

Shen Yanxiao smiled as it could be said that apart from the incomplete name, Xiu, she did not obtain any useful information.

“That is not the manner on how to negotiate. How will I know that after I have a.s.sisted you in returning into the human world, you will or will not quickly get rid of me later.” Power was one good thing especially for her current situation. However, before she had yet to clarify some matters, she would not allow any unexpected future dangers concealed.

Being a first rate G.o.dly thief, any potential danger would also be calculated within. Only after settling all of the dangers, will that one strike certainly hit the target and the goal would be acquired taciturnly.

After being silent for a moment, Xiu speaked, “Killing you is equivalent to killing me myself.”

“As of now, I am attaching myself and existing within your body. In case that you are dead, my soul will also subsequently fly away and scatter.”

This information is not bad! Shen Yanxiao was beaming as she continued to acquire information fraudulently.

‘So, after you have obtain your freedom, will it mean that you can be relieved in eliminating me?”

“I will never kill you.”

“Oh? Why?” Shen Yanxiao opened her mouth as she smiled happily while inquiring. However, there was nevertheless a complete differencebetween the naive smiles of hers and the sharpness in her eyes.

“During the time when I choose to stay in your body, we have already agreed and signed a soul agreement where I will lose ninety percent of my soul if I was to kill you.” Xiu’s voice was like the untranquil waves.  

To suffer a damage of ninety percent! Shen Yanxiao seriously wanted to clap her hands. Although it was still unclear on why Xiu was able to attach and exist within her body, she could now be certain that Xiu absolutely would not make any move regardless of any situation because everything was like he had said. For killing her was equivalent to himself committing suicide!

“Now, I shall undo the first layer of your seal and you will once more receive the power to learn dou qi and magic. This shall be the first gift of mine to you as the alliance with you.” Accompanying the ice-cold voice of Xiu echoing within Shen Yanxiao’s brain, Shen Yanxiao suddenly felt a burst of sharp pain arrive at the her right arm.

The sharp pain was similar to huge earth shattering waves coming and sweeping as they arrived. Even before she had the time to open her mouth to inquire even more, her entire self was already sinking into the darkness once again.


During the time when Shen Yanxiao had once again awoken, an old and benevolent person appeared before her eyes.

“The seventh young lady had woken up.” The elderly man smiled as he said.

Shen Yanxiao slightly frowned. Along with the search in her memory, she found out that this elderly man before her eyes was the Vermillion Bird clan’s physician, Shen Qiu.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 4

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