The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 420

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"I also know that you are worried about me and that you’re afraid I won't have a good foothold in the main family after dropping out like this." How could he not know the reason for Shen Yanxiao's abnormal att.i.tude? It was only that, things had developed to such an extent that he could no longer go back.


Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath before impressively standing up and approaching Tang Nazhi.


"You also know that when you drop out of school, you will certainly be suppressed in your family. Since you have chosen to become a Pharmacist, no matter what happens, you should stick to it! You are a child of Black Tortoise Clan. Is it still unclear to you that being a younger generation from an aristocratic family, there will be some limitations? What good will it bring you if you leave like this? If you go back like this, you will not only give up your own perseverance, but you will also give others the opportunity to suppress you! "Shen Yanxiao was angry, really angry.


She knew Tang Nazhi was a straightforward person, but he wasn’t a fool.  He couldn’t be unaware of the consequences of being expelled from school now.


If not, then she wouldn’t have competed in a match from the start just because of Shangguan Xiao’s bet!


"I know, I know." Being scolded by Shen Yanxiao, Tang Nazhi was unable to raise his head. But his heart was nevertheless bitterly complaining.


"Since you already know, then why are you still doing this?" Shen Yanxiao stared at Tang Nazhi, not even giving him the chance to escape.  " You dropping out surely was not your own idea. Who forced you to do so?" Although the Black Tortoise Clan disliked their own child becoming a pharmacist, but due to keeping their face, they shouldn’t be the ones who had forced Tang Nazhi to drop out.


And with Tang Nazhi's character, the intimidation of others did not have any effect on him at all.


Shen Yanxiao couldn’t think of any reason for Tang Nazhi’s decision to give up the Pharmacist’s road.


He gave up not just being a pharmacist but also his status in the Black Tortoise Clan!


"Don’t ask so much. I'll be leaving tomorrow, and I am glad to see you today. I don’t know when we can meet each other again, but let’s not talk about these unpleasant things anymore." Tang Nazhi did not want to discuss the matter about him dropping out of school. He could only evade Shen Yanxiao’s sharp eyes.


"Even if you don’t want to say, you think I cannot find it out?" Shen Yanxiao squinted her eyes. Tang Nazhi’s repeated avoidance caught her attention. She felt Tang Nazhi's withdrawal from school couldnt’ be that simple.


"Little Xiao, please don’t ask any more." Tang Nazhi was a little annoyed. He had wanted to see this little sister before he left. But he did not expect that after meeting her, Shen Yanxiao would repeatedly ask him why he had dropped out of school. This was the last thing he wanted to tell her.


"Even if you don’t say it now, she will still know it one day." A lazy voice interrupted the two people’s stalemate. Qi Xia’s arms were folded on his chest as he leisurely leaned against the door.


"Don’t cause me trouble," Tang Nazhi glared at Qi Xia.


Qi Xia shrugged his shoulders. After Shen Yanxiao had left, he also came over and heard the two people’s conversation outside the door. He knew that Tang Nazhi would not reveal the truth even if he died.


But even if he kept her in the dark now, how long could it be concealed?


"You won’t let us say it, so I let her ask you. But if you don’t want to say it, I can only let her ask those who know." Qi Xia smiled like a rogue. Although the three of them had agreed to Tang Nazhi about not telling the truth to Shen Yanxiao, in Holy Roland School, there were a few who knew the reason why Tang Nazhi dropped out of school.


Tang Nazhi incredulously glared at Qi Xia. He could not wait to strangle this beast directly.


Even though he didn’t help, he still ran to stir the water!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 420

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