The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 42

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The Strongest Magical Beast (Cleaning Process) Table Of Contents (Cleaning Process) Ranking, Settings & Others Character List Alchemy Info The Team About me Chapter 42- The Arrogant Little Bird Part 3

“Hehe, since it’s an old acquaintance, why don’t you try saying something about it. What does the Vermillion Bird look like, and is there any particular request needed to sign a contract with it?” Even if it was Shen Feng who was the current clan head of the Vermillion Bird Clan, the Vermillion Bird was only known by name. He’d never seen it in person. Yet, this guy who was inside of her body, had actually met the Vermillion Bird before, and so much so that it was very probable that he was extremely familiar with the former master of the Vermillion Bird. Having a person like this who was extremely ‘familiar’ with the Vermillion Bird at that time, caused Shen Yanxiao’s mind to more or less begin to get the idea of obtaining the mythological animal.

However, that was a mythological animal!

Despite how much an understanding she lacked regarding the magical beast, just thinking of the words, ‘Obtain the Vermillion Bird and become the clan head’ was sufficient to have her appet.i.te wide open.  

‘It’s nothing more than an arrogant little bird who overestimates its capabilities, and is slightly bigger compared to ordinary magical beast of the flying bird species. That’s it.’ Xiu said.

If she could, Shen Yanxiao would’ve pried open Xiu’s head in order to have a proper look regarding information about the Vermillion Bird. Just what kind of information was all of this—what was the difference between having said all of these things, and having said none?

The great master Xiu seemed to have the intent of not speaking much more. Despite Shen Yanxiao making threats and promises, Xiu still didn’t proceed with the topic again. Instead, Xiu urged Shen Yanxiao to rapidly enter cultivation mode. Although in his eyes the Vermillion Bird was nothing more than an arrogant little bird, with regards to the strength of this little bird, it would only be okay for Shen Yanxiao to have this little bird nodding its head and paying its allegiance to her, if either her Dou Qi or her magic was promoted to at least rank 6.

Having not received any useful information, and still lashed at by Xiu to bitterly cultivate, Shen Yanxiao could only restrain her own inquisitiveness, and comply by executing his words.   

However, in her mind, she nevertheless had her own ‘little abacus’.

If you have the ability, you can continue on with being tight-lipped. I just can’t believe, at that time, that you’d be willing to stare blankly and watch the Vermillion Bird throw itself into somebody else’s arms!

Like locusts tied to a rope, would the likes of her be afraid of a basket?! [TLN:They are in the same boat so the MC isn’t worried]


The period of 5 days went by just like that, and the present, first thing in the morning, a few luxurious carriage had been parked at the entrance of the Vermillion Bird Clan.

The sage had long been seated inside his own carriage. Through the window of the carriage, the sage signalled Shen Feng by nodding his head.

With the candidates of the Vermillion Bird headed by Shen Yifeng, he respectfully stood before Shen Feng and listened to Shen Feng’s briefing one last time before they travelled afar.

“This delegation relates to the reputation of the Vermillion Bird Clan. No matter what the price that has to be paid, among the 4 of you, it has to be one of you that brings the Vermillion Bird back.” Shen Feng dignifiedly looked at his 4 grandchildren. It’d be a long journey this time. Therefore, the troops of the G.o.d’s Domain had attached most importance where apart from the 4 candidates of the Vermillion Bird Clan, a retinue was send to each of them to be placed beside them.

Among the 4 of them, Shen Yifeng’s odds of seizing it was the highest. Not only had he inherited the the most outstanding lineage of the Vermillion Bird Clan. but he was also the rarest genius the Vermillion Bird Clan had seen in the past hundred years. Therefore, everyone from the Vermillion Bird Clan had an enormous amount of expectations for Shen Yifeng.

Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei’s strength were one chip less, but their gifts were still pretty good. Merely, under the suppression of Shen Yifeng, their prominent ability and sagacity had become mediocre.   

It had been centuries since the Vermillion Bird had appeared, so no one knew what the requirements were for the Vermillion Bird to choose its owner. If the selection wasn’t according to strength, then it’d still be highly probable for the two of them to receive the good graces of the Vermillion Bird.

After all, the twin’s mental strengths were a kind of extremely subtle existence. If the two of them had had the intention of having their mental strength achieve the stage where their mental strength complimented each other’s, then, solely based on their mental strength, they would’ve been able to share the same limelight with Shen Yifeng.

That satisfaction that was hidden deep within the eyes gave rise to a trace of variation when the eyes fell onto that thin and weak body.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 42

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