The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 435

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Shen Yanxiao's arrogance shocked everyone. Luo Fan's strength were very obvious to all, yet in the face of a Senior Pharmacist, Shen Yanxiao still dared to say such words. It was beyond everyone’s expectations.


The group of students at Yeats Academy seemed as if they had seen a ghost. They had never seen someone who dared to talk to Luo Fan like that before.


In their eyes, Shen Yanxiao wasn’t simply arrogant. She was completely naive!


Luo Fan coldly sneered and soon decided not to argue with this kid anymore. He was very confident in his mind that he could rely on the negative potion that Pu Lisi had taught him to give Shen Jue an ugly death.


This time, the three men’s match caught the entire Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Branch’s attention. The branch transported a large number of herbs to the pharmacy room for the three people to use.


Pu Lusi stood in the forefront, watching the three people partic.i.p.ating in the match. His eyes were quite sinister as he looked at Shen Yanxiao.


Each of the three people was given a refining table to use. The three then took their positions. Seeing that the match was about to start, all the spectators held their breath.


The question was, who would be the arbiter for this match?


Luo De also came in the pharmacy room, but with Pu Lisi’s presence, he would not be able to s.n.a.t.c.h the position of the arbiter. Nevertheless, Luo De didn’t really want Pu Lisi to become the arbiter for this compet.i.tion. Because no matter from what aspect you look at it, Pu Lisi as an arbiter was all harm and no benefit to Shen Yanxiao.


However, looking at the whole Pharmacy Room, aside from Pu Lisi, no one else could play such an important task.


But, Shangguan Xiao was Pu Lisi’s disciple. Everyone knew this matter. Moreover, Pu Lisi, Shangguan Xiao, and Luo Fan had framed Tang Nazhi together before. Everyone could see that these three guys were singing the same tune. Once Pu Lisi served as the arbiter of the compet.i.tion, Shen Yanxiao would be plunged into a huge pa.s.sive state from the very beginning.


Luo De was secretly anxious. Seeing that the match was about to begin, there was no room for a maneuver.


Just as Luo De had been worrying, a figure dressed in pure white appeared in front of the Pharmacy Room.


All eyes were drawn to the man at the door.


Pu Lisi, who had an arrogant look, immediately gasped after seeing the man.


"Master Ye Qing!" Pu Lisi exclaimed.


The man who arrived at the Pharmacy Room was none other than the world famous Master Pharmacist —Ye Qing.


Since entering the library, Ye Qing had not stepped outside after more than ten years, but today, he suddenly came before everyone's line of sight.


Pu Lisi’s exclamation aroused the shock of others.


Everyone's eyes were tightly locked on Ye Qing’s body.


The Yeats’ students were also staring with their eyes wide open.


This was the only existence in the whole Radiance Continent closest to becoming an Honorable Master Pharmacist, the idol of all the Pharmacists!


Luo Fan was very excited in his heart. He had been at Holy Roland School for almost a month now, yet he still hadn’t been able to see Ye Qing. This was his continuous regret. But now, he finally saw his dream mentor!


"Master Ye Qing, how come you’re here?" Pu Lusi quickly greeted him, and in front of Ye Qing, he was like an ordinary Pharmacist’s apprentice, without any arrogance at all.


Ye Qing’s kind face showed a trace of smile.


"I have not walked out for a long time, and I recently wanted to come out. I happened to hear that there is a match here, so I planned to take a look at the fun. You continue, do not mind me."

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 435

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