The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 486

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Without any hesitation, Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird concealed themselves in the dark and ran towards the other end of the village.


Just as they pa.s.sed by a house, several battered and exhausted figures were running toward their direction.


It was a group of men in their prime of manhood. Judging from the way they dress, they should be a team of mercenaries. But at this moment, they simply no longer have the unshakable aggressiveness that they often have during ordinary days. They were all over the place as they fled. Each of their faces was deathly pale, with their bodies having distinct wounds. Those scars seemed to be from the abrupt scratches of a beast’s claw. Their clothes had been torn away and their flesh had been cut, and the red blood from their wounds continued to gush out yet none of them halted their movements to deal with the wounds.


For behind them were a large group of crazy shadows. Those dark shadows were getting nearer at an alarming rate to the mercenaries who were desperately running away.


Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird found a low-roofed thatched house and hid their presence.


But then, what they saw next gave them a huge shock!


That group of shadows revealed the truth of the matter under the moonlight. Each and every villager were waving the farm tools on their hands as they howled and ran after the mercenaries. Their eyes were glazed, their faces were unusually ferocious, and their body was slightly leaning forward; as if they were beasts hunting their preys.


Shen Yanxiao watched the mad group of villagers and noticed Little Ke and Old Ba.


Neither of them had any weapons on their hands. Instead, their hands were hanging on the ground like that of a beast; they ran wildly with four limbs.


Under the moonlight, this group of kind-hearted and simple villagers turned into beasts and became everyone's nightmare.


Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath. She witnessed the villagers whom she had just met during the day become so ferocious at night. Such contrast was truly hard to accept.


At this moment, she finally understood how shocking it was that night for the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps.


Who would have thought that the gentle and simple villagers in the daytime would become wild beasts after the nightfall?


Watching how they were mercilessly chasing those mercenaries, Shen Yanxiao could almost imagine what the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps had experienced that night!


Those few mercenaries who were trying to escape were constantly screaming in despair. They tried to summon their magical beasts to go against those crazy villagers as they ran. But those villagers completely ignored the existence of the magical beasts in front of their eyes and just pounced straight onto the wretched figures of the mercenaries.


Even when the magical beasts threw attacks on the villagers under their owner’s command, it was still as if they weren’t aware of it. The villagers didn’t even retaliate as their pairs of chaotic eyes continued to focus on the backs of the mercenaries and continued to madly chase after them, even the magical beasts were unable to block them.


It was as though in their eyes, only those mercenaries existed and the rest were just air.


Shen Yanxiao's heart sank.


In her opinion, she believed that in a little while, the crazy villagers would catch up to the mercenaries. Looking at the villagers, she could almost imagine the fate of these mercenaries if they were caught.


She did not know the reason for the sudden madness of the villagers, and although she was curious, she had no time to think about it.


She had a hunch, whether it was the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps or this group of people in front of her, their true goal was likely to enter the Sun Graveyard through this small village, and these villagers were likely here to prevent them from entering the Sun Graveyard!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 486

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