The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 539

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"Go? How exactly should I go? Do you want people to see me in such a shameful state!" Shen Jiayi threw the mirror toward Shen Jiawei feeling ashamed and resentful.

Shen Jiawei dodged the mirror and looked a little depressed at Shen Jiayi.

"Who is it in the end! Who did it! I'm going to hack that person into pieces!" Shen Jiayi felt more and more aggrieved. How could such a good sleep end up with this kind of appearance? This bald head reminded her of a nightmare. That day in Shen Yanxiao's room, she was burning in the fire and her black hair was reduced to ashes. She did not expect she would actually encounter such a similar thing again, which was simply unbearable.

"Cough. I have sent someone to inform Dad, he will help you find out who the person is. Tomorrow's finals, Qi Xia and others are going to partic.i.p.ate. The people outside said that one of them would win the champions.h.i.+p. Don't you want to congratulate them in their most glorious moments?" Shen Jiawei said.

Shen Jiayi bit her lip, once Qi Xia and co was mentioned, she began feeling troubled.

Originally, she was like a moon surrounded by stars. But now, she did not dare to leave the door half a step, afraid that those handsome young men would see her current monster-like appearance, ruining her image in their hearts.

However, what Shen Jiawei said made sense. With the talents of those four, tomorrow, one of them would surely come out on top.

At such an important moment, it was a good opportunity for her to show her sincerity. If she would not go, was it not like missing such a great chance?

Until now, Shen Jiayi still believed that Qi Xia and others were good to her because of their admiration for her. She had not yet decided who to "accept" because she wanted to see who could dominate the crowd at the end of the school tournament, which was the real person she wanted to choose.

After hesitating repeatedly, Shen Jiayi barely said, "You go to Snow Blowing City’s marketplace to buy some appearance-changing stuff. You know what to buy, if you don’t do well, I'll tell on you to dad."

Shen Jiawei opened his mouth and dared not say anything.

Because Shen Jiayi was now close to Qi Xia and others, her value in Shen Yue's eyes had risen. Being suppressed, he didn't dare to defy Shen Jiayi; he didn't dare to say anything. He could only obey Shen Jiayi's orders and go shopping in Snow Blowing City.

Sitting alone in the room, Shen Jiayi took a deep breath. In her mind, Qi Xia and Tang Nazhi had the most chances of winning, so this time, she was also very careful about these two people.

Fundamentally speaking, she was more inclined to Qi Xia. His demonical charm and languid demeanour were just like an addictive poppy flower, causing someone to be unable to stop oneself from admiring him.

Tang Nazhi was good, but he did not have Qi Xia's elegance.

In Shen Jiayi's eyes, the four animals held a great love for herself, and the choice was in her hands.

Meanwhile, the four animals that had been counted thousands of times in someone's heart, gathered together after the end of the semi-finals.

"Do you think Little Xiao will come tomorrow?" Tang Nazhi was lying on the table and asked listlessly.

"Since she came to Snow Blowing City, she will definitely show up, and did you not hear, tomorrow there will be a Warlock in the finals. How many Warlocks do you think are there in Radiance Continent?" Qi Xia smiled, not feeling even a little bit worried.

"So, we have to fight with her tomorrow?" Tang Nazhi frowned. He did not have any psychological burden when beating Qi Xia and others, but fighting with Shen Yanxiao...

Why did he find it uncomfortable?

Tang Nazhi deeply felt that even if he and Shen Yanxiao really stand in the ring at the same time, he was absolutely standing there as a target.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 539

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