The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 562

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After that, although she could indeed imitate all Qi Xia's magical attacks, the magic power she had to pay was twice as Qi Xia!

Shen Yanxiao's display of the Engraved technique not only shocked Yun Qi, it also let the audiences who did not understand a thing become marveled repeatedly.

They had no idea what Shen Yanxiao was doing. They could only see that with a wave of Qi Xia's wand, a blazing flame was falling from the sky towards Shen Yanxiao's head. And almost at the same time, an equally dazzling flame formed over Qi Xia, falling along with his own blazing flames before making an explosion!

Two sets of h.e.l.l Fire fell down at the same time. Qi Xia was truly startled by the situation and the fact that Shen Yanxiao could also use h.e.l.l Fire. However, he quickly reacted, a ring of ice appeared around him to block the blazing h.e.l.l Fire.

But around Shen Yanxiao, a ring of ice had also been reinforced.

The same h.e.l.l Fire, the same ring of ice, they attacked at the same time and dissolved the attack at the same time.

The two people stood opposite each other as if they were standing in front of a giant mirror. All the attacks and defenses were duplicated.

"How is this possible?!" The crowd in the audience area felt their blood boiling. They stood up in astonishment, dumbfoundedly watching the two people in the ring!

Shen Yanxiao was a Warlock, but now, she just clearly released a Magician’s high-level magic!

This was simply inconceivable.

When the huge flames. .h.i.t the ring, its powerful force created some potholes.

Qi Xia's eyes sparked an intense excitement. Such a wonderful battle, making the fighting spirit that had long slept inside his body completely ignite!

"Interesting! Really interesting! Little Xiao, you never cease to surprise me!" A crazy smile appeared on Qi Xia's face.

The wands in his hand continued to be wielded, the Verdict of Fire, the Frost Fortress, the Twilight Flame Technique, and the Extreme Ice Armor...

Such gorgeous magical attacks continued to be displayed one after another, which Shen Yanxiao reciprocated correspondingly!

For a time, light and darkness alternated in the entire ring. Ice and fire coexisted. The glamour of the magic radiance dazzled every direction. Soon, a deafening voice hovered in everyone's ears!

Attack! Defense!

Qi Xia felt that he was basically fighting with himself. After launching an attack, he had to defend himself against his own magical attack at the same time. Such an intense and fierce battle, he never felt this before!

A roaring thunder resounded through the sky, the flames filled the whole ring with smoke, and the shattered ring produced a mist of dust, covering the two people inside the ring. People in every direction looked on anxiously, trying to see the ultimate battle that made their blood boiling!

Because Shen Yanxiao had been imitating Qi Xia's every magical attack, the magic in her body plummeted sharply. The great magic consumption made her body deeply tired, yet Qi Xia's attack did not stop in the slightest, as if his magic was inexhaustible!

"This aberrant!" Shen Yanxiao secretly cursed him under her breath.

The moment that it was determined she had to face Qi Xia, she had already been prepared to fight.

No matter how fast she was, it turned into nothingness under the instantaneous magical attacks of Qi Xia. Therefore, if she used the other curse techniques in a confrontation with Qi Xia, she would simply be courting death. With the Warlock skills, it was difficult to do a one-hit kill. And with Qi Xia's strength, he would not give her the chance to get close even for a second. Rather than deal with him using the other curses, it was better to impose such a high-level curse technique like Engraved, and fight against him with his own attacks!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 562

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