The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 564

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When Yang Xi and Yan Yu rushed to the center of the venue, Qi Xia's brewing Light Field had been released. Shen Yanxiao also released the same trick at the same time. In an instant, the entire venue was shrouded in a dazzling light.

Everyone was blinded by such a dazzling light, and they could clearly feel a powerful shock wave spreading from the ring to the surrounding!

This terrible magic was almost suffocating them.

Yang Xi and Yan Yu shouted 'not good'.

Under such strong magical attacks, Yan Yu resolutely put down light s.h.i.+elds around the two of them.

Ouyang Huanyu narrowed his eyes and waved his wand decisively, setting a Magic Forbidden Zone around the ring and blocking the impact of these two tyrannical magical attacks.

If not, the entire venue would have probably been torn apart by such a powerful force!

The glare of the light gradually faded, and everything on the ring gradually became clear.

To be precise, the open s.p.a.ce in which the ring was located had become a huge pothole. The stone slabs of the ring made of the hardest rock had already turned into a pile of powder!

Qi Xia stood on the messy ground with a smile full of excitement. Watching the breathless Shen Yanxiao not far away, he excitedly licked his dry lips.

"I'm pleasantly surprised by Little Xiao."

Shen Yanxiao's situation was not very good. For every magical attack that Qi Xia had used, she had to pay twice as much magic. That Light Field was an advanced skill that could only be performed by a Magister! Its magic consumption was even more unbearable!

After that blow, Shen Yanxiao felt that the magic in her body had already been consumed. Nevermind continued copying Qi Xia's attacks. Even if he was to release just a mere fireball, she was afraid it would not come out if she copied it.

"Your curse technique is very interesting, but you should have reached your limit now." The smile on Qi Xia's face did not diminish. But at this moment, he was not the usual lazy n.o.ble son. Right now, he looked like a devil from h.e.l.l demanding your soul.

His slightly narrowed eyes could devour a human soul.

"I wonder if my next attack can be duplicated. Little Xiao, if you can't copy it, I'm afraid that the barren land territory will be mine." Qi Xia was like a beast teasing a kitten. The corner of his mouth hanging a smile as he raised his wand again.

"Wait!" Shen Yanxiao suddenly made a noise, no longer imitating Qi Xia's actions.

Qi Xia was stunned for a moment. His movements halted after being interrupted by Shen Yanxiao's sudden shout.

Shen Yanxiao gasped in a hurry, crystal-clear sweat dripping from her body. She looked at Qi Xia strenuously and raised her finger to point at Qi Xia's feet.

Qi Xi bowed his head doubtfully and looked at the soil under his feet.

Qi Xia was stupefied, he seemed to understand what she was trying to say. He raised his head and looked at Shen Yanxiao's feet.

A stone as large as a palm was stomped under Shen Yanxiao's foot.

“...” In an instant, Qi Xia’s face turned stiff.

"You... landed on the ground, you lose, you can scram now..." Shen Yanxiao panted heavily.

The whole ring was smashed into powder, and Qi Xia took it for granted. But Shen Yanxiao firmly clung to a broken piece of the ring.

It meant, in accordance with the rules, Qi Xia, who was out of the ring...

Had lost?

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 564

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