The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 583

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 This week's extra chapter


The very moment the carriage appeared, Vermillion Bird's face turned green. He would rather transform into his beast form and fly all the way while carrying Shen Yanxiao than to ride the carriage. He definitely would not get on the carriage.


Naturally, Lan Fengli would also follow. So Shen Yanxiao held Lang Fengli with her left hand and the small Phoenix in her right hand. After Vermillion Bird transformed, she sat cross-legged on his back, facing the wind and humming a song, heading toward the Lava Valley.


It took less than a day for Vermillion Bird to fly their way to Lava Valley.


Vermillion Bird once again transformed himself into a human being. Looking at the place which originally belonged to him, he burst into tears inwardly.


Now, this place had been occupied by two Phoenixes, and it was personally handed over by his own master. If he tried to run away from home now, he would not be able to find a real home!


Three figures walked in the blazing Lava Valley, and the heat of the surrounding could not hurt them at all.


The small Phoenix finally ate up the whole dumpling. It lay on Vermillion Bird's head in contentment and rested. Such a small lump could actually make a snoring sound.


Nothing had changed in the Lava Valley. Shen Yanxiao and the rest had smoothly entered the cave.


Pretty soon, they saw the two Phoenixes sleeping in their nests inside the huge cave.


Two giant Phoenixes sleeping in the cave made the inside appear crowded.


Shen Yanxiao looked at two sleeping Phoenixes not knowing how should she wake them up.


Fortunately, the two Phoenixes noticed the unfamiliar breath and woke up gradually. The next moment, two ma.s.sive red flames wrapped them up. After the flames faded, the male and female Phoenix appeared in front of the trio in their human form.


“Long time no see.” The male Phoenix smiled and looked at the guests standing in the cave. The female Phoenix nestled beside him. Her eyes were stubbornly staring at the small Phoenix on the head of Vermillion Bird.


Shen Yanxiao froze for a moment. When she first met these Phoenixes, she was wearing a face-changing mask. How could these two Phoenixes not feel a bit strange when they saw her as if they had recognized her at a glance.


‘Magical beasts can rely on breath to identify the other’s ident.i.ty, so your change in appearance has no effect on them.’ Xiu's voice sounded in a timely manner to solve Shen Yanxiao's question.


"Are you guys already used to living here?" Shen Yanxiao smiled. That saved her the trouble of introducing herself.


"Thank you for your help. It is very suitable for us to live here. We are very grateful for the help of your family during these times.” The male Phoenix gave his sincere thanks. Having a quiet residence was the most concern of the magical beasts.


"No need to be polite. It's just a compensation to you.” Shen Yanxiao chuckled and noticed the pet.i.te female Phoenix staring at the small Phoenix on Vermillion Bird's head. She reached out and took the small Phoenix down and stepped forward. She pa.s.sed the sleeping cute small Phoenix to the female Phoenix.


The female Phoenix excitedly looked at their baby who was sleeping in her arms. Her eyes were dripping with tears. But after looking at it for a while, she was somewhat puzzled and raised her head to look at Shen Yanxiao and Vermillion Bird.


"How come it hasn't shed its fur yet?"


"Shed its fur?" Shen Yanxiao blinked.


The male Phoenix explained, “Our child has a layer of fur on its body when it was born, but within the next months it will gradually shed and grew real feathers. However, it is several months old now, but its body is still covered with fur, which makes us a little curious."


Shen Yanxiao was dumbfounded. She really did not know there was such a thing.



Ever since the small Phoenix started following them, it always had this kind of appearance. Although Vermillion Bird disliked its appearance, he actually took care of it very carefully. Even when it came to food, he would let the little guy pick what he likes first and wait for it to be full before he ate himself.


In a sense, Shen Yanxiao felt that Vermillion Bird had the potential to be a "father."


A slightly proud and pampered father.




Shen Yanxiao: *looks at Vermillion Bird*

Vermillion Bird: What?!

Shen Yanxiao: *squinted her eyes* What did you actually do?

Vermillion Bird: How dare you accuse me! I did nothing!

Shen Yanxiao: Ohhhh~ Really? Then read this part again "Although Vermillion Bird disliked its appearance..." 

Vermillion Bird: That-- 

Shen Yanxiao: You must have done something...

Small Phoenix: Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! [Both of you are the culprit!]

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 583

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