The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 597

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Once they stepped into the Barren Land, the air around them instantly became murky. Everyone felt the waves of chill entering through their feet.


The dusky land was filled with overgrown weeds and sinister-looking green vegetation hidden in the dark.


Strange plants had grown quietly between rocks, whenever the breeze blew through it, it would release an awful smell.


Shen Yanxiao sat in the carriage and looked at the terrible scene outside the window. Lan Fengli sat quietly beside her.


"Whose staring at us?" Shen Yanxiao’s face slightly wrinkled, she could feel a lot of hidden dark eyes staring at her group.


Fu Tu leaned in the carriage and leisurely said, "Just some naive lower demons."


Just after his voice landed, a powerful aura spread from Fu Tu’s body. The next second, those strange eyes that were looking at them disappeared.


The demon hiding in the darkness immediately left after feeling this powerful aura. Although they were only lower demons, they were very respectful to the strong ones in their race. They did not dare to step in without any permission in places where the higher demons go.


Uncle Jiu, who was sitting in the carriage, shot a look at Fu Tu. He had already noticed the oddity of this youngster, but he did not say much about it. He just took out the map that Shen Yanxiao had given him to observe and compare the scene outside.


"With the current speed we’re going, it will take us three days at most to reach The Rising Sun City. The horses are aware of the danger lurking in this place, hence our pace is not that fast. It is estimated that within these days, we will spend the night outside."


Everywhere in the Barren Land hid an unseen danger, although there were hundreds of people in their group, it was not worth mentioning when it was compared with the thousands of demons in this land.


"With Fu Tu, the lower demons won’t dare to approach us.” Shen Yanxiao wasn’t worried at all. As long as they did not encounter any higher demons, then Fu Tu was a big advantage for their group.


For there weren’t any lower and middle demon that would dare to provoke the authority of a higher demon.


“The lower demons aren’t the one we need to fear, but it is the higher demons staying in the Barren Land that we need to keep our eyes on, for they are smarter and more dangerous.” Uncle Jiu said.


"Different situations calls for different action. I will not let anyone here meet any accident before we reached The Rising Sun City." Shen Yanxiao smiled. So what if it was a higher demon? As long as they weren’t in group, with the three magical beasts on her hands, a higher demon could easily be killed.


When Uncle Jiu saw Shen Yanxiao’s confidence, he no longer said anything. As early as he joined the group, he had already noticed that the couple, the man and woman beside Shen Yanxiao along with that youngster called Fu Tu had impressive origins. It might even be possible that Fu Tu was a higher demon.


Uncle Jiu could not imagine how much courage and strength did Shen Yanxiao need to subdue a higher demon.


Fu Tu was very honest along the way and showed no intention of attacking other people. It was quite obvious he was obeying Shen Yanxio.


In the entire Radiance Continent, people who could convinced a demon to work with them hardly existed.


Shen Yanxiao, how exactly did you do it?


The longer he stayed with this girl, the more Uncle Jiu wondered about how terrible her strength actually was.


She already have Mythological Beasts, and now she have a higher demon to a.s.sist her. And she herself was proficient in the Warlock path even though she was still quite young. How could she have a lot of a.s.sistance in her hands?


In the whole journey, Fu Tu’s aura had forced all the demons in the road to take a step back.


The mercenaries who were sitting in the other carriages were surprised. They thought that once they entered this Barren Land, they would immediately start a fierce battle, but they had never antic.i.p.ated that they would not even see a shadow of a demon along the way.





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