The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 606

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The sack was filled with gray powder, and they had no word to describe its smell.


"Oh, you humans have such great ideas." Fu Tu looked at the opened sack of gray powder.


"What do you mean?" Shen Yanxiao looked at Fu Tu. She felt that Fu Tu was able to recognize these things.


Fu Tu walked forward, stretched out his slender fingers and grasped a handful of powder in the sack. He smiled and said, "You humans fear the demons. You want to eradicate the demons while trying to avoid their attacks at the same time, and these powders are your masterpieces."


"What exactly is it?"


Fu Tu explained, "This powder is made out of the crushed bones of the lower demons and added with some smoked gra.s.s juice. By spraying this on your human body, you can avoid the demon’s sense of smell.”


Aside from the viciousness of the demons, there was also their sense of smell that was comparable to that of a Mythological Beast. They could detect the smell of human beings across a long distance. As long as they smelled the scent of a human, the demons would appear in groups to suppress the humans and kill them.


If one could avoid the sensitive sense of smell of the demons, it would greatly reduce the possibility of being attacked by the demons.


Shen Yanxiao finally understood why Qu Rui’s group could be so rampant in such a place.


Demons were rarely seen in groups. Four or five demons appearing together were already the most they could find. As long as the demons in one area did not catch the smell of a human, then they could avoid meeting a ma.s.sive number of demons. Unless you run into a few demons on the road, otherwise you would not be discovered at all.


Moreover, there were more than two hundred people in Qu Rui's team. Even if they encounter a few demons, there was absolutely no danger at all.


Only, Fu Tu's att.i.tude towards this kind of powder did not seem to have much resentment, or maybe it was because, in the eyes of the higher demons, the lower demons were just the same as the existence of the ants. Their death had no effect on them whatsoever.


"This is really a good thing. If we have this, then in the future we can avoid a lot of trouble.." Du Lang's eyes lit up.


"This kind of powder is called Huoyao, which means to confuse the demons. When demons ran rampant across the continent in the early days, this was once formulated. However, ever since the demons rushed to the Barren Land, this Huoyao powder did not appear again. After hundreds of years of change, the Huoyao's formula had been lost. How do the people of the Lan Yue Dynasty know the formula?" Uncle Jiu frowned slightly, this matter was strange and made people very uneasy.


"Regardless of where it came from, since we already have it, we will certainly use it." Shen Yanxiao thought otherwise. Instead of thinking about these clueless things, it was better to point out the obvious.


“How long is the effect of this Huoyao in human's time?” Shen Yanxiao asked.


"About three hours or so," Fu Tu replied.


"They have a total of more than 200 people. This sack of Huoyao can be used for up to six hours. There must be more than one sack here. Let others search the other tents and get the rest of it out for me." Shen Yanxiao laughed like a cat that had just stolen a fish. Compared with the other loot, the value of Huoyao was much greater.


Pretty soon, they found about ten sacks of Huoyao in the tents. Shen Yanxiao put them all in the storage ring.


There was Fu Tu accompanying them on their way anyway, other demons would not dare to mess with them. These things were naturally left for later use.


After the mopping-up was completed, Shen Yanxiao and others rode the carriages again and headed toward the direction of The Rising Sun City.



Du Lang and the others stood in the front of the broken entrance, looking at the devastating sight before them. They could not imagine that this was the city they were going to rebuild.


Don't even mention that they only have more than 100 people. Even if thousands of people were dispatched to rebuild these ruins, they feared that even after three or five years, it was still absolutely impossible to accomplish it.


During this time, they also needed to be careful to prevent the attack of the demons.


But what really worried them was the next word from Fu Tu.


"There are many higher demons stationed in the main cities of the Barren Land. In The Rising Sun City, there are one hundred and eighty higher demons at the least."





Uncle Jiu: ∑(ΦдΦlll

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Shen Yanxiao:  ٩(๑✧∀✧๑)۶

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 606

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