The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 620

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"Barren Land has its own rules. Since she does not understand, we, as her seniors must naturally teach her a lesson or two."

"Go and let people send messages to the north and the west, say that there is another little guy in the East." Geng Di supported his chin, his lips bringing back an evil smile.

Are you living well and comfortably young lady of the Vermillion Bird Clan?

Seems like you are treating the Barren Land as your own backyard garden. So what if you have the protection of two Mythological Beasts? In the Barren Land, everything can happen unexpectedly.

"Yes," said the guards on the side.

The Barren Land had its own rules.

This was a law that no one could destroy.

There was a saying that said, a powerful dragon cannot crush a snake in its old haunts. No matter how tyrannical the forces behind her, the Barren Land was a completely isolated area from the outside world.

It was basically not possible to rebuild a city here with one's clan's power.

Only the truly strong people could stand firm in here.

Rebuilding a city in the Barren Land was absolutely a very difficult task. It needed more than financial resources and manpower. Even the strength of an individual must be strong enough. Because here, they were going to face not only the dilapidated city, but in the process of rebuilding the city, they also had to be careful not to be killed by those demons at any time.

The demons were the real nightmare of the Barren Land.

Geng Di even expend a lot of effort to acquire the recipe of Huoyao. It was because of Huoyao that he was able to rebuild his city in such a short period of time.

But Huoyao was not something anyone could have. For example that new little guy, she probably had no such good thing in her body.

[Raz-P: Bubu. Wrong guess. Try again.]

Geng Di looked like a sinister venomous snake. In his heart, the young lady from the great clan would soon become his prey.

He would soon let Shen Yanxiao know that if she wanted to survive in the Barren Land, she must follow the rules of the Barren Land. Since she did not understand, he would teach her a lesson, a lesson full of blood!

The resources of the eastern region were not exclusive to Magical Fantasy City. The forces of the north and the west also have access to it.

Now, the representative of the eastern region had emerged, and neither among the three forces would let her be successful in rebuilding a city.

Otherwise, they would lose a lot of resources.

Only those who really lived in the Barren Land were aware that the resources in the eastern region were the most abundant in the entire Barren Land.

The eastern region had become a delicious meat in their mouths, and n.o.body wanted to spit it out.

"Come," Geng Di called.


“Send people to survey the eastern region and find out which city has been a.s.signed to that person called Shen Yanxiao.” Geng Di's feminine face was full of calculating expressions.

He would expel that little wretched of Long Xuan Empire step by step from the Barren Land.

Soon after, the two cities in the northern and western regions of the Barren Land received the news from Magical Fantasy City.

Now, their guests from the east should only wait for their “greetings”.

Almost the next second after receiving the news, the two cities in the north and west sent their henchmen to the eastern region to secretly monitor Shen Yanxiao's every move.

Shen Yanxiao, who was on the far away land of The Rising Sun City, did not know that three different forces had already focused on her at the same time.

This was just the beginning. In the Barren Land, the horn of the battle that belonged to her had just sounded. [Raz-P: srsly, how many beginnings are there? xD]

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 620

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