The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 621

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Extra chapter this week

The demons of The Rising Sun City basically had been subdued by Shen Yanxiao, and the next step would be to rebuild the city. But Shen Yanxiao was currently being depressed.

In order to rebuild The Rising Sun City, relying on their number of more than a hundred people was practically impossible. If it was in other places, Shen Yanxiao could simply pay people to work.

However, the problem was that the average people were afraid to step into the Barren Land.

In fact, when other people enter the Barren Land to rebuild a city, they could ask for a.s.sistance from their country after cleaning up the demons in the entire city that was a.s.signed to them.

But Shen Yanxiao’s situation was very special. The demons in her city wandered around all over the city streets. Even if the construction team’s people came, the demons would probably frighten the c.r.a.p out of them upon entering the city.

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao was very clear that the Emperor of Long Xuan Empire, without a doubt, disliked her for being a Warlock. Because she came from the Vermillion Bird Clan, the Emperor might indeed have no choice but to give her something on the surface, but he would certainly do something in secret to hinder her.

The Rising Sun City was the greatest evidence.

Shen Yanxiao also had a choice which was to ask Shen Feng for help.

Unfortunately, this was not her style. She would not rely on her being a second-generation rich kid. She would use her own strength to build The Rising Sun City.

For various objective and subjective reasons, although Shen Yanxiao won The Rising Sun City, it was still in ruins.

She was depressed and sulky while sitting on the broken stone stairs. She looked desperate and powerless.

How convenient things would be right now if I did not become a thief in my last life but an engineer!

In minutes, tall buildings will surely rise from the ground.

Then there would be no reason for her to be deep in sorrow from this.

Du Lang strived to adapt to the situation of peaceful coexistence with the demons in the past few days. His current state of mind had improved. He walked to Shen Yanxiao’s side. Watching the sighing little guy, he took a seat beside her.

"Actually, I was surprised. You can take control of this city in such a way. I thought that this time, coming to the Barren Land with you, there would be a number of deaths," Du Lang smilingly said. He was rarely in a good mood.

"Am I the kind of person who jumps into the fire pit like that?" Shen Yanxiao gave him a look.

"I guess I was wrong," Du Lang laughed. In the past few days, Shen Yanxiao had been sullen because of the issue of rebuilding the city. He saw it in his eyes and knew that this heaven-defying youth was still unable to handle some ordinary things. This also let Du Lang think that Shen Yanxiao was still a human, not G.o.d.

"Are you worried that you can't find someone to rebuild the city?" Du Lang asked.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

“Ordinary people would not be happy to come to the Barren Land. In Long Xuan Empire’s side, I guess that even if I sent someone to pa.s.s the news, there would be no movement even after several months.”

"His Majesty does not like you?" Du Lang asked.

"You guess."

"I should not have asked. In fact, what you lack right now are people. As long as there are enough people to rebuild the city, it's not too difficult. I have talked with Uncle Jiu yesterday for a while. The people under his hands are self-reliant experts. They can build houses and buildings in this kind of land without any problem. As long as we can find enough people, they can help you rebuild the city.” Du Lang and Uncle Jiu saw that Shen Yanxiao was feeling distressed. They discussed privately for several times. Everything else was easy to solve. The only problem was people!

Although the demons of The Rising Sun City were obeying orders, the lower demon's intelligence was too low to partic.i.p.ate in the real construction of the city.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 621

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