The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 63

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Chapter 63- The Signing Of The Contract Part 3

Shen Yanxiao looked at this arrogant little bird. Just now, how could she not have any reaction towards Shen Jiayi’s insult to her? However, she wasn’t an anxious idiot, because someday in the future, she’d have the time and the methods to fix this kind of brat. It was just that the Vermillion Bird’s protection towards her had exceeded her antic.i.p.ation.

Although from start to finish this stinky, little bird had displayed a disdainful appearance to her, that att.i.tude of his just now, of fiercely protecting her, was nevertheless same as Shen Siyu.

In Shen Yanxiao’s heart, she couldn’t help but say that the dislike that she had for this stinky little bird had eased by a little bit after experiencing this one matter just now.

Although this bird’s temperament was a little stinky, it actually couldn’t be considered to be beyond redemption.

Everyone was waiting for Shen Yanxiao to sign the contract with the Vermillion Bird, while at the same time, everyone from the Vermillion Bird Clan was all doubting whether or not, with the intelligence of that idiot, she capable of comprehending the Vermillion Bird’s words.

It had to be known that Shen Yanxiao’s wisdom was merely at the level of a four year old child’s, and she wouldn’t understand what she’d heard if the words were slightly complicated—and only a ghost would know whether or not she’d understood what the Vermillion Bird had spoken of.

People such as Shen Yifeng couldn’t help but to maliciously think from the bottom of their hearts. Shen Yanxiao’s idiocy would absolutely bring about a discontentment to the Vermillion Bird, for she was simply unable to independently carry out the signing of the contract. Once she’d offended the Vermillion Bird, they could still perhaps have the opportunity to win over the Vermillion Bird!

All three of them didn’t want to have Shen Yanxiao, this idiot, climb up to the top above their own heads. Who could’ve known that Shen Feng would have Shen Yanxiao, the biggest joke of the Vermillion Bird Clan in hundred of years, take on the seat of clan leader, due to the reason that the one who obtained the Vermillion Bird would be the one that became the clan leader.

If this idiot were to succeed the Vermillion Bird Clan, then the three of them could just collectively suicide by drowning themselves in a river!

They could practically imagine that, after Shen Yanxiao took the seat as the clan leader, everyone from the Long Xuan Empire would treat them as a national joke. An idiotic clan leader guiding the clan…

They didn’t dare to continue thinking about it!

After the awakening of the Vermillion Bird, the G.o.d Domain’s people had then quietly stood aside. They collectively completely erased their presences and, one after another, promising youths of the Vermillion Bird Clan had suffered from defeat and had fallen in their eyes. After they’d seen that the Vermillion Bird had finally chosen an idiot as its future master, although they didn’t have the discontentment that Shen Yifeng and so on did, they too had already been jolted till they were scared out of their wits.

The mythological beast’s flavour from the folklores was, nevertheless, truly…

Very unique! And very heavy, ah!  

Just when everyone had suspected that Shen Yanxiao was incapable of completing the signing of the contract with the Vermillion Bird, that little brat, whom had been practically forgotten along this journey, at this moment, lifted up her own left hand. She opened her little mouth and nipped the forefinger of her left hand.

The scarlet blood on Shen Yanxiao’s fingertips coagulated into a blood bead.

Everyone who was present all a.s.sumed alarmed expressions, for this idiot had unexpectedly understood what the Vermillion Bird had said!

People such as Shen Yifeng had their mouths open even more, to the point that it was possible to squeeze an egg into them.

Under everyone’s astonished vision, Shen Yanxiao expressionlessly stretched out her hand and dropped down a blood marking between the Vermillion Bird’s eyebrows.

In a split second, scarlet red radiances bubbled out from underground, and the vapor that had soared up, in a flash, enveloped the Vermillion Bird and Shen Yanxiao.  

“I, the Vermillion Bird, am willing to reach an agreement together with thou, and will mutually follow thee in life or death.”

The serious voice had slowly echoed inside the torrid heat cave. The three people’s frame of minds, at this moment, dropped to an all time low.  

They‘d never antic.i.p.ated that the outcome of this time’s awakening of the Vermillion Bird would unexpectedly be like this. Shen Yanxiao, the person that they’d treated as a laughingstock and a bystander from the start to finish, had unexpectedly gone against everyone’s antic.i.p.ations, and had obtained the Vermillion Bird!

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 63

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