The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 638

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'This is the dark crystal buried in the underground when the Demon Race built the city. This kind of crystal is only possessed by the Demon Race. It contains a lot of dark elements. This dark crystal can use a magic array in this room, and reinforce the walls of the entire city. With just the siege weapons of your humanity, attacking the reinforced walls for 30 to 50 years will absolutely not produced any crack.'

"Isn't this so... heaven-defying?" Shen Yanxiao said with widened eyes. The wisdom of the Demon Race was really impressive.

"But, the city walls of The Rising Sun City had been destroyed before. Is it possible that someone had really bombarded it with fire for hundreds of years?"

‘It was caused by the siege weapons of the G.o.d Race.'

"The siege weapons of the G.o.d Race." Shen Yanxiao was a bit fascinated. G.o.ds had fallen for a long time already. It was almost impossible for humans to have the G.o.d Race's siege weapons. This meant that if she used this crystal and start the magic array, The Rising Sun City would be an untouchable city!

Shen Yanxiao deeply inhaled, "This dark crystal, can I use it with the magic array now?"

‘No, the dark elements in it had been consumed..'

Shen Yanxiao wilted...

Are you enjoying teasing me like this!?

The world's first protective s.h.i.+eld was just in sight, yet she could not use it. Her heart was really broken!

But the next second, Xiu made Shen Yanxiao excited again.

‘But the three plants in your hand can make it work.'

"Really?" Shen Yanxiao was elated.

‘Well, why did you think I made you come here?' Xiu's voice carried a hint of almost imperceptible laughter.

"But if I put the three plants here, what will the demons eat?" Shen Yanxiao was hesitant. She had not been sure where to plant these three plants.

'It's okay. The magic array here will make the three plants grow, and the dark elements that they produce will be spread by the magical array to the whole city. Not only can it strengthen the walls, it can also supply the demons.'

"Hey, it's that good? Then it's settled!” Shen Yanxiao no longer hesitated and directly took the three plants out of the ring. This bas.e.m.e.nt was hidden. Without Xiu's direction, she could not find it at all. Therefore, the three plants were very safe in here.

These three plants were very important to Shen Yanxiao. Not only it was related to their survival in the Barren Land, it was also related to the unlocking of her seal in the future.

‘After turning on the magic array, the dark elements here will be completely activated. The dark elements will help the demons evolve, and the characteristics of the demon’s body will also intensify the changes of the dark elements in return. At that time, it will be able to restore my strength to a great speed.' Xiu explained everything.

However, there was one point Xiu did not say.

That was, once the magic array was started, the dark elements would spread rapidly and would soon attract the demons from the surroundings of The Rising Sun City. Those demons that were stimulated by these dark elements would then enter The Rising Sun City in large numbers.

When three plants were properly planted, Shen Yanxiao looked at the dark crystal on the side and asked, "What should we do with this?"

‘Put it here. The dark elements here will slowly replenish the dark elements of the dark crystal, and then you can use it to reinforce other cities.'

Reinforce... other cities!

Shen Yanxiao squatted and blinked her eyes. Indeed, as long as she had completed the construction of The Rising Sun City, she could then extend her sight toward the surrounding cities.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 638

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