The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 381

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The secret conversation that Shen Yanxiao and Futu had on top of the tree, aside from them and Xiu, there wasn’t a fourth person to know. Of course, if only a certain Mythological Beast was awake at that time, perhaps he would have also heard some astonis.h.i.+ng news.

Regardless, a decision that would shock all the people in the Radiance Continent in the future had quietly formed in such a strange and silent night in Mount Ku Luo.

Finally, the night sky quietly slipped away. As the sky gradually faded, Shen Yanxiao ended her exploration trip and returned to the camp.

Taking advantage of the sky which hadn’t become bright yet, Shen Yanxiao took a nap for awhile.

Unfortunately, she had not slept long enough before the quiet camp broke into a series of screams.

At this time, the camp had long been in chaos. A group of mercenaries who sneaked out last night unexpectedly managed to return to the camp. It didn’t matter that they fled; what mattered was that they were being followed by three magical beasts!

Those three mid-level magical beasts were all rhinoceros magical beasts that were in the peak of rank six. They had a thick and strong body structure, and each of them weighed 56 tons. They had rough skin and thick flesh. A normal sword wouldn’t be able to pierce into such an armor-like skin, and their bodies were enough to intimidate a lot of mercenaries, not to mention they had two huge and sharp horns on their heads. All the way, they charged violently. One of them even managed to hit a mercenary, and even though the hit was light, the mercenary broke his arm and died some time after. If they were not careful of their horns on top, then they could immediately go and report to King Yama of h.e.l.l.

On normal days, even mid-sized mercenary corps would rarely target this thick furry beast. Shen Yanxiao didn’t know how these mercenaries provoked this group of unruly beasts, and there were three of them to boot.

In such an early morning, the sky was not even brighten yet.

There were still a lot of mercenaries sleeping, so when a group of terrible giant beasts suddenly attacked, they failed to react properly for some time.

The entire camp was thrown into a mess by these three rhinoceros horned beasts.

Shen Yanxiao came out from the tent, and she immediately saw the three rhinoceros horned beasts storming the crowd. Several mercenaries were traumatically hit by the rhinoceros horned beasts and fell on the ground. The mercenary camp had not fully adjusted yet on what was happening, and there were a lot of people fleeing everywhere.

"What a bunch of idiots." Shen Yanxiao looked at the scattered mercenaries, and her heart secretly ridiculed these people. They couldn’t even beat the three rhinoceros horned beasts, yet they were delusional enough to deal with the legendary Phoenix. Such wishful thinking.

She was afraid that they could only reach the foot of the phoenix before they would be burn to ashes.

"Huo Xiao, it’s dangerous here. Go back inside your tent first.” Vicious Wolf was also awakened by this noise, but in the face of this sudden attack, he did not panic. His clothing was still neat, and at his hands were a sword and a heavy s.h.i.+eld.

The rhinoceros horned beasts had came so suddenly, giving the mercenary corps no time to prepare. At this time, the only thing that these mercenaries could rely on was the quality of their daily training.

And this one point was enough for the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps to beat any other teams in seconds.

"Brother Vicious Wolf, the tent is also not safe," Shen Yanxiao chuckled. With these rhinoceros horned beasts’ rampage, what use could a small tent have?

When Vicious Wolf thought about it, he no longer insisted.

"Then follow me and don’t run around. The leader will soon deal with these three rhinoceros horned beasts.”


Shen Yanxiao obediently nodded. If she did end up making a move in order to deal with these three rhinoceros horned beasts, then she would seriously urge Du Lang and the others to leave before they confront the Phoenix.

In the midst of this chaotic camp, one pitiful wail was heard. The mercenaries, who had finally reacted began to resist, but they had already been scattered around. Even if each head of the various corps were to summon their mercenaries to mobilize them, it was difficult to do so in such a chaotic scene.

At this moment, the toughness of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps’ immediately manifested.

Du Lang: Hurry up and run away!

Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps: …

Du Lang: What? You think we can beat those beast?! Of course we can’t! Let’s run away! We are not like those idiots who’ll try to defeat it or run around in circles!

Other Mercenaries: …

Meany Raz: You- when it said difference between them it didn’t mean it like that! They won’t escape! Oi change it! *whip*

The Great Sky: Well, this is just a teaser~ ^_^ Anyway like they say, the strong ones are those who knows when to run away.

Meany Raz: Who even said that?!

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 381

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