The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 644

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Shen Yanxiao opened her mouth. There was no word to describe her shock at this moment. When she was furious, when she was eager to step out of the city to teach the other three forces a lesson, this group of partners suddenly presented a large number of materials and talents before her.


She never thought that some people would help and a.s.sist her like this.


"You guys are really scoundrels. Even if you do this, I won't be touched!" Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth and stymied her tears.


"Ha, who wants you to be touched? Silly girl. We are all just bringing our personal a.s.sets while asking for shelter. In the future, you and your city should take care of us." Tang Nazhi looked at the small face of Shen Yanxiao who was on the verge of crying. She stretched her hands to wipe her small nose.


Their Little Xiao was never suitable for such expressions. She should be heartless all day around and do things that would shock the world.


"Hey! Do you really want to stay here?" Shen Yanxiao sniffled with her nose and found it difficult to accept their words. They all already possessed the respective Mythological Beasts of their clans. It was basically determined that they would become the future clan heads. Now, they had laid down their family affairs and had dropped their studies at Holy Roland School. She was still worried about them rus.h.i.+ng here.


"Of course! Share the blessings and share the hards.h.i.+ps. This is our Phantom's rule. We can't just leave our little sister, not yet an adult, here to suffer." Tang Nazhi laughed and said with a  "big brother's posture."


Li Xiaowei stood aside while thoughtfully looking at the actions of Qi Xia and co, and Shen Yanxiao. These days, he had been dragged by Tang Nazhi to join the Phantom. He also spent some time with Qi Xia and the others for a month. The busy pictures of the four young masters running around were printed in his eyes. He was curious as to what kind of feelings would allow them to do everything they could to help Shen Yanxiao.


This, perhaps, was the legendary friends.h.i.+p.


A kind of sentiment called camaraderie.


Du Lang and others were startled by the appearance of Qi Xia and co, but Du Lang quickly recognized the ident.i.ties of these youths.


“Azure Dragon Clan, White Tiger Clan, Black Tortoise Clan, Qilin Clan... The children of the five great clans of the Long Xuan Empire have actually come!” There was an incomparable shock in Du Lang’s heart. The five great clans represented the top forces of Long Xuan Empire. Before, there were rumors that the five great clans were in conflict. He did not think that today, he would see the children of the five great clans gathered together.


And the appearance of these few youngsters turned out to help Shen Yanxiao rebuild the city!


The combination of the five most elite and powerful forces of Long Xuan Empire would be a terrible force that few people could imagine.


“They all came to help us?” Vicious Wolf swallowed his saliva. Among mercenaries of their level, only very few could come into contact with the people of the five great clans. His brain found it difficult to adapt to this happenings.


"It is to help the City Lord, but also to help us!" Du Lang's heart was filled with emotion. If there was Qi Xia and others to join them, then the reconstruction of The Rising Sun City would be just around the corner. The immediate difficulties could be easily solved!


Even if there were threats from the forces of the three countries, as long as the five great clans in Long Xuan Empire were united, they were not without the strength to fight back.


Moreover, the talents brought by Qi Xia and others this time were really what they lacked the most.


With these people, the rate of reconstruction would not be reduced.



"Little Xiao, you really mean the demons here won't attack people?" Tang Nazhi looked at Shen Yanxiao. He felt that everything he had heard was incredible.


When Shen Yanxiao was about to open her mouth, the graceful Yao Ji brought a plate of fruits and put it aside. She exposed a smile at the five talented youths who were in the prime of their life before she twisted her waist away.


Tang Nazhi's eyeb.a.l.l.s almost jumped out of its socket.


Shen Yanxiao looked calmly at Tang Nazhi and slowly said, “She is called Yao Ji, and she is one of the more than two hundred higher demons of The Rising Sun City.”


"..." Tang Nazhi felt that his newly budding admiration was shattered into slag in an instant.




Tang Nazhi: Just when my heart was about to bloom, what a terrible reality! ((´д`))

Tang Nazhi: My dream! ( ≧Д≦) Why?

Tang Nazhi: And here I thought I can finally get some beauty in my arms. (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ㅂ˂̣̣̥)੭ु

Shen Yanxiao: What's wrong with a beautiful demon in your arms? Isn't she still a beauty?

Tang Nazhi: You..don't understand.

Shen Yanxiao: Oh? But apparently, I will end up with a G*smack!*

Sky: Shhh!!! How did you know of that anyway?!

Shen Yanxiao: *rubs back of head* Well, I read spoilers.

Sky: .......

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 644

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