The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 646

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Shen Yanxiao looked at the few animals who were filled with indignation and couldn't help but laugh. She was the one who had met a problem, but these guys were more anxious than her.


"Well, I was also very angry before, as I had not come up with any good ideas. But your arrival gives me a good idea." Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her lips and the hint of a treacherous smile appeared within her eyes.


“We're listening.” Several animals raised their eyebrows. They were familiar with that kind of smile of Shen Yanxiao. When the little girl showed such a smile, they knew someone was going to be unlucky.


Shen Yanxiao hooked her fingers and beckoned Qi Xia and the rest to lean in and listen.


"Don't they like to disrupt my team? Then I'm going to let them disrupt my people."


Shen Yanxiao words made the animals somewhat dumbfounded. This little girl had not been confused by rage right? Just what kind of idea was this?!


"Are you sure?" Tang Nazhi skeptically looked at Shen Yanxiao.


Shen Yanxiao said, “Listen to me first. They were able to avoid the perception of the higher demons in the team because they had a special powder on their bodies. The higher demons cannot detect their arrival and location. But even if they have the ability to avoid the higher demons, they cannot avoid a Mythological Beast's perception."


The several animals were not fools. Hearing what Shen Yanxiao said, they immediately understood.


"Are you planning on arranging the several of us into your teams?" Qi Xia raised his eyebrows. The Long Xuan Empire now has demons lingering in The Rising Sun City. And as for Mythological Beasts, in addition to Shen Yanxiao's Vermillion Bird, there were five in total.


"En. You guys will each bring a team out tomorrow. Before you set off, you will summon your Mythological Beasts out and let them watch the movements around you. If you discover the whereabouts of the other party, don't startle them, wait until you enter their attack range. Tomorrow, I will withdraw ten miners from each mining team and fill up the spots with the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps. They have combat experience, and together with your Mythological Beasts, isn't this enough manpower to deal with the other party?” Shen Yanxiao's expression was very treacherous. Dare to play with her? She would let them see what it meant to be shameless!


"However, you have as many as twenty teams each day. We only have five Mythological Beasts here." Yang Xi put forward the issue of numbers.


"I'm going to have to fold my staff for the next two days because of the attack. I'll cut 20 teams down to 10." Shen Yanxiao said with a smile.


"That's half the difference."


"Oh, I forgot to say. I also dared to invite two Mythological Beast Phoenixes to join me." Shen Yanxiao was very calm.












Li Xiaowei maintained the pattern this time.

[note: In one of the previous chapters, the four animals had this reaction "..." while Li Xiaowei said "What?"; this time, Li Xiaowei maintain the same reaction. XD]


"You got two Mythological-level Phoenixes?" Tang Nazhi felt that he really wanted to die. He thought that because Shen Yanxiao had a vast population and lacked resources, their arduous arrival finally provided her a powerful force. But he did not expect that this little la.s.s was still hiding another card in her hands. Aside from Vermillion Bird, there were actually another two Mythological Beasts!


Had this world changed? Was the value of Mythological Beasts had a huge markdown? How come this little la.s.s could pick up a lot of Mythological Beasts?


"Hey, I think I can contribute too." Li Xiaowei hardly pressed down his inner excitement. He looked at the few people hesitantly.


"You also have one?" Tang Nazhi stared wide-eyed at his brother, he nearly swallowed his tongue!



Although Li Xiaowei had lived with his mother as commoners, he had admired and followed quite a powerful Archer master. His skills were taught by that master. Unfortunately, his master died of illness several years ago, leaving his Mythological Beast to Li Xiaowei.


Tang Nazhi was aware of this, but he had never seen Li Xiaowei summon his magical beast before, so he was not clear what the level of his magical beast was.


This fact, he only heard it today.


It actually was a Mythological Beast as well!




Li Xiaowei: Hmp! Don’t think you all are way better than me just because you all have Mythological Beast. I have one too! (=^・^=)

Li Xiaowei: *Though, he's more like my master rather than my beast...*

Li Xiaowei: But now, I can finally help! Though my help can’t be on par with you guys, at least it’s on par with Nazhi!

Tang Nazhi: What do you mean by that?

Li Xiaowei: You really want me to say it bro? 

Tang Nazhi: Yeah? Don't understand you at all bro. 

Li Xiaowei: Because we're both in the same clan duh! We can't provide any stuffs to Little Xiao unlike others! 

Tang Nazhi: Why... do you need to remind me of that? T_T



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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 646

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