The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 650

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"A woman? A woman also dares to be a City Lord in the Barren Land. She must be tired of living."


A group of people gossiped about things inside and outside of The Rising Sun City; hence, they did not immediately notice that a team of people was approaching from a distance.


It was a seemingly ordinary team. Fifty big and rough men were walking alongside the tools. One higher demon walked in front of the team with five middle demons, and in the rear, there were one hundred lower demons.


However, if you look closely, you could see that at the end of this team, a slightly pet.i.te figure was trying to wrap herself in a black cloak.


Her whole body that was wrapped in a black cloak was no different from the demons around her.


"Xiu, activate your perception, pay attention to the movements nearby." This wretched little figure was the one who declared to single-handedly escort one of the mining team— Shen Yanxiao. She had no worries at all about leading a team, but in the end, she could only disguise herself and walk at the rear together with the lower demons.


When she proposed to lead a team on her own, she was completely opposed by everyone.


Without Vermillion Bird and the two Phoenixes, she was only but a person with a Senior profession. It was really difficult to find hidden enemies in this vast wilderness by herself. Several animals had almost tied her up directly.


Shen Yanxiao repeatedly stated that she could deal with it by herself. Finally, under the oppression of the crowd, she had to place all six wolves, without Du Lang, in her team. This allowed the group of people to reluctantly agree with her.


In fact, Shen Yanxiao did not need a magical beast because she had Xiu on her side who had a more powerful perception than the magical beasts.


This point, she had never said this to anyone. Xiu's existence was her greatest secret.


Even in the face of the five animals, she did not dare disclose it.


‘One kilometer ahead, one hundred Archers are hidden behind the southeast mounds.’ Xiu lived up to expectations and easily uncovered the location of the scoundrels.


Compared with Mythological Beasts, Xiu’s perception could be described as horror.


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and her dark figure quietly flashed past the demons like a breeze.


Vicious Wolf was walking in front of the team, feeling great pressure.


Not only must their group of people deal with those hidden enemies, they must also pay careful attention to the safety of a certain City Lord.


There was at least one Mythological Beasts in each of the other teams; on the other hand, their team was rather shabby. Although the six wolves were in the Senior profession, their respective magical beasts were only around mid-level, and the perception of their magical beasts could hardly determine the other party's whereabouts.


The six wolves really wanted to cry. The City lord was really playing big. If she cut down one more team, she could take her own Mythological Beast with her. It was better than throwing it out alone and take risks like this. If even a single strand of her hair was loss, forget about being strangled by Du Lang, they would probably be torn apart by the demons of the city.


There were also those young masters whose family background were enough for them to be disposed of. As soon as they saw their att.i.tudes towards Shen Yanxiao, they immediately knew that if they did not take care of this little sister, they would be forced to cut their own stomachs!


When the six wolves were crying and almost tearless, Shen Yanxiao's voice impressively sounded through their ears.


“One kilometer ahead, one hundred Archers are hidden behind the southeast mounds. Everyone, secretly prepare, the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps will divert to the side and meet the enemy.”



“Hey! Come on! Everyone be prepared!” The people from the Magical Fantasy City finally discovered Shen Yanxiao's team. Their faces were plastered with the pleasure of cruelty. They had shot with their bows and arrows in their hands yesterday, killing dozens of people from The Rising Sun City. The ground which was stained with bright red blood made their own blood boil with excitement.


“I mean, do I still need to prepare for this group of pigs?” When they attacked yesterday, the other party did not fight back at all. They locked onto their targets and shot at the same time, instantly killing dozens of people and shooing people away. There was no danger at all.


"Haha, it's a hunt, but the object to be hunted is not a beast... but humans! Haha."



Sky: Yeah, let’s kill him right now.

Readers: Please wait, although we understand your feelings.

Sky: You say that yet what are those torches and rake you are holding?

Readers: Oh don’t you know, it’s Summerween (Summer Halloween) and we all decided to cosplay as angry mob. Now if you excuse us&h.e.l.lip;



Sky: ...


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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 650

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