The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 652

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On this day, the fierce fighting continued in the eastern region of the Barren Land. The pungent smell of blood permeated the air and sprinkled on this vast land.


Pools of blood stained the ground red, adding bright spots to the dry and dark soil.


Just like smudges of heavy red makeup on the cheeks.


This day was an eternal nightmare for some people. It was also the very end of their lives. The butchers of yesterday had become the lambs to be slaughtered today, as they fall apart under the terror of Mythological Beasts.


In the evening, ten teams had returned after killing thousands of enemies without a single person injured on their own side.


Several animals returned with their own Mythological Beasts with honors. Those people who believed themselves infallible were simply vulnerable in the face of these powerful youths.


"How was it? Have you encountered an attack?" At the city gates, Tang Nazhi smiled and looked at the complacency of his several companions.


"That's a must." Yang Xi shrugged his shoulders. With Azure Dragon, the opposite side fell out instantly.


"It was a pity I did not have the opportunity to shoot. Just a movement of Qilin's hoofs and they had already become a mudball." (TL Raz-P: too exaggerated don't you think? XD) Qi Xia was feeling rather sorry. He had hoped he could fight a battle. He did not think that the other side's fighting power was actually so low; it was not enough to break a table(TL Raz-P: enough! XD). His own Mythological Beast hadn't had the time to warm up yet before the battle ended in an instant.


"You guys." Yan Yu laughed.


On the other hand, Li Xiaowei had been sullen and uncomfortable. Eight-Headed Serpent stood beside him and looked really unhappy, as if someone owed him millions of gold coins.


"Brother, how come you looked depressed?" Tang Nazhi saw the two individuals and patted Li Xiaowei's shoulders.


Li Xiaowei replied,"We did not encounter enemies today."


“Ah?” Tang Nazhi blinked his eyes. The probability of Li Xiaowei’s not fighting was actually too low. However, the returning Phoenixes, Vermillion Bird, and Lan Fengli had all faced the enemies. As a result, Li Xiaowei did not encounter an enemy today.


Unfortunately, Li Xiaowei had encountered this unlikely event. What else could they say?


No wonder that Eight-Headed Serpent's complexion was so ugly. He originally thought he would be having a meal today; in the end, he did not even see even a strand of the enemy's hair.


“I wonder what happened on Little Xiao’s side.” Qi Xia looked at the sky; of the ten teams, nine were already back in the city. Only Shen Yanxiao's team had yet to return.


“When has that little la.s.s eaten a loss. Since she dared to go alone, naturally, she must have a firm grasp of the situation.” Yang Xi was not worried about Shen Yanxiao's situation at all. Her team indeed seemed to be the weakest. However, even the little guy Lan Fengli came back intact. With Shen Yanxiao's intelligence and strength, what problems could possibly occur? (TL Raz: what intelligence and strength? She actually used Xiu, her cheat.)


However, if Yang Xi knew that a certain little guy was a Killing G.o.d, he probably would not be this optimistic.


The rest of the mining team had already left. The five animals, Vermillion Bird, and Lan Fengli refused to leave the city gates. They stood by the gates and looked at the horizon outside the city, waiting for that familiar figure.


When the sun was only half on the horizon, a shadow of a group of people finally appeared in people's sights.


The five animals were able to see the little guy that was leading the team from afar. Such a familiar face, such an arrogant smile.


Vermillion Bird turned into a flame and flashed like a line of light toward Shen Yanxiao. Among all people, only he knew that there was an incomparably formidable soul residing temporarily in Shen Yanxiao's body. Even if all the other nine teams were to meet an unexpected mishap, under Xiu's protection, it was absolutely impossible for Shen Yanxiao to into an accident.


However, his master thrown him to another team. About this, Vermillion Bird was very depressed, ah. The other family's Mythological Beast were fighting with their own masters on the battlefield. Why was it that his family's master liked to kick her own Mythological Beast away?




"After this lesson, it will take at least a month for the other three forces to think of new methods," Du Lang added.


"A month? This is not enough. We have to rebuild the city in five months. We can't continue to let them hara.s.s us in the next four months." Tang Nazhi frowned. He suddenly treated himself as a citizen of The Rising Sun City.


Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and thought about the method once and for all. The next second, she had a hint of laughter on her lips. She said, “Qi Xia, Yang Xi, Yan Yu, Nazhi, and Xiaowei, you will accompany me tonight on a trip to Magical Fantasy City."




Shen Yanxiao: Don’t worry, we’ll just be strolling with our beast. That’s just that.

Du Lang: Hmm?

Shen Yanxiao: We won’t kill anyone! We’ll just stroll around and show them our almighty beast. Whether they die from from being a scaredy cat has nothing to do with me.

Qi Xia: Killing them by just making them afraid, huh. I like it :)

Li Xiaowei: Question, do we need to ride it or can I just ride along with Nazhi?

Tang Nazhi: Hmp! Get your own ride! I don’t like sitting beside someone who looked down on me! (T_T)

Yang Xi: Yan Yu and I will go prepare the storage rings then.

Shen Yanxiao: What are those for?

Yang Xi: Eh? You won’t go “borrowing” stuff?

Shen Yanxiao: No?

Yang Xi: Oh...

Du Lang: ...


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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 652

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