The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 654

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Shen Yanxiao directly left The Rising Sun City with the five animals and the two Phoenixes. Du Lang was very worried, and  Uncle Jiu was very considerate, pus.h.i.+ng Lan Fengli to follow behind Shen Yanxiao.

n.o.body had any idea what Shen Yanxiao was going to do with these people by running to the Barren Land territory of the Lan Yue Dynasty. They only knew that their City Lord was always making amazing things happen every time she took action.

For example, the six wolves. After returning to the city, they still could not forget the scene when Shen Yanxiao had stopped hundreds of arrows with her unarmed hands and then turned the arrows back in the opposite direction. After this incident, Shen Yanxiao had suddenly risen into an omnipotent G.o.d in their minds.

If they didn’t fear that Shen Yanxiao would violently attack them, the six wolves would have long bowed down at Shen Yaxiao's feet.

Even so, after returning, they couldn’t wait to describe Shen Yanxiao’s overbearing appearance to others. They colorfully narrated everything, splas.h.i.+ng saliva across everyone's faces; the vividness made the other teams feel regretful.

Why have we not seen our mighty and domineering City Lord in action ah!

Wuwu, City Lord, we ask you to fight again ah! Please let us watch!


Shen Yanxiao and the gang were riding the two Phoenixes, flying toward the southern region of the Barren Land.

With the Phoenixes' full flight speed, they had arrived in front of the Magical Fantasy City before midnight.

Although it was already late at night, the Magical Fantasy City was still brightly lit. Looking from afar, if one did not know that this city stood in the Barren Land, one would a.s.sume that it was just an ordinary city.

A few artilleries were placed on the walls of the city. Soldiers were patrolling back and forth on top of walls. The silence was very rigorous.

"This is the Magical Fantasy City? It's just mediocre. It's much smaller than The Rising Sun City." Tang Nazhi sat on the back of the Phoenix, looking at the Magical Fantasy City with a total area of half the size of The Rising Sun City. He was rather disdainful.

As everyone knew, the size of the Magical Fantasy City was normal in the Barren Land. The Rising Sun City was simply a special case. There were only four other main cities in the entire Barren Land that could be compared with it.

The main cities, however, were the absolute forbidden zones in the Barren Land. No country dared to move their thoughts towards those places.

Clearing up tens of thousands of demons was without a doubt a terrible problem.

No one dared to strike their chest and accept the task of reclaiming the five main cities, unless they were impatient to die or their brains had been flooded with water.

The fact that Shen Yanxiao could handle the demons and settle in The Rising Sun City was definitely a magnificent feat that no one had ever done before!

"Little Xiao, you didn't let us come here this late at night just to watch the Magical Fantasy City, did you?" Yang Xi asked with a chuckle.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

"Watch? No, we are here to demonstrate!"

In the next second, Shen Yanxiao raised her one hand and resonated with Vermillion Bird who was inside her heart lake. Vermillion Bird immediately incarnated into a group of flames and hovered in the sky. The dazzling flames lit up the sky and reflected dark clouds.

"Demonstration? I like the sound of it." Qi Xia smiled and directly summoned Qilin!

A golden light shone, and a giant shadow gradually formed in mid-air. The wind raged and shrieked. The water elements in the air condensed into a silvery cloud in an instant, hovering under the golden light!

When the light faded, a golden Qilin impressively appeared in mid-air. A dragon's head, a tiger's back, and a deer's body. Golden scales were all over its body. Four auspicious clouds sat under its feet and its stature was just like a mountain! Such a powerful momentum!

"It seems that we can't be idle." Yang Xi stood up on the back of the Phoenix and immediately summoned Azure Dragon.

For a moment, thunder rumbled and lightning flashed above the clouds, illuminating the whole sky. Azure Dragon's huge body was protruding from the clouds, revealing the might of the dragon!

It hovered above the sky, and bolts of lightning swirled in the grasp of its dragon claws!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 654

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