The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 495

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The three animals were anxious, but Xie Yun, Ye Qing, and Yun Qi were even more anxious!

They all received Shen Yanxiao's request for leave before. Ye Qing and Yun Qi had immediately complied out of respect of Shen Yanxiao, but Xie Yun, on the other hand, had tried to stop her.

Seeing that the tryouts would begin pretty soon, yet even Shen Yanxiao's shadow couldn't be seen, the three mentors were all burning with anxiousness.

Xie Yun was anxious because he had long seen the talent of Shen Yanxiao, and he was very confident that with Shen Yanxiao's talent as an Archer, after six months of learning, perhaps she really could contend with the top of the Archer Branch, Meng Yijun.

However, this kid would ask twice every three days for a leave of absence, and even now, at such a critical moment, she actually ran away without leaving even her shadow.

This allowed the original full of expectations Xie Yun to be depressed, leaving him scratching the wall of the Archer Branch all day long. Such a good Archer seedling, why wouldn’t she cherish herself!

No matter how depressed Xie Yun was, at least in the Archer Branch, there was a Meng Yijun.

Compared with the Archer Branch, the Pharmaceutical Branch was a tragedy.

The original top student, Shangguan Xiao, had completely lost his chance on becoming a Pharmacist because of his previous match with Shen Yanxiao. Although he had now gone to Lan Yue Dynasty looking for ways to recover, it was estimated that even after three or five years, he still wouldn't come back.

Shangguan Xiao was gone, and he also took away the Pharmaceutical Branch honorary head, Pu Lisi, who had been invited with great difficulties. The entire Pharmaceutical Branch was now decapitated. There were still some students whose strength were nearly on par with Shangguan Xiao, but the difference of theirs and Shen Yanxiao's strength was too big. Even if they got the qualification to partic.i.p.ate in the school tournament, other school's Pharmaceutical Branch would just probably clean them up.

Facing such a tragedy, Luo De could only run to Ye Qing's refining room almost every day and cry.

Ye Qing, who always had a very good temper, also began to feel worried by Luo De's troubles.

He was not worried about the reputation of the Pharmaceutical Branch. What he feared was the safety of Shen Yanxiao. So many days had pa.s.sed without him seeing the shadow of Shen Yanxiao, making this mentor really worried about his student.

The Archer Branch had Meng Yijun. Although the Pharmaceutical Branch was a little miserable and the two students couldn't take a shot, at least there was still a group of subst.i.tutes.

On the other hand, the situation on Yun Qi's side could only be described with one sentence.

The fighter of calamity!

Warlock Branch had not recruited students for many years, and the only student there was Shen Yanxiao. Yun Qi, without any alternative, without a spare student, and with Shen Yanxiao missing, could only sit in the Warlock Branch Library and sing “The Empty City Stratagem” [1].

[1] sing “The Empty City Stratagem” : Pretend everything is alright to conceal one's weakness

Yun Qi was so quiet while sitting in the library, looking wistfully at the door.

Xie Yun needed Shen Yanxiao for the purpose of cheris.h.i.+ng her talent, Luo De needed Shen Yanxiao for the honor of the Pharmaceutical Branch.

But for Yun Qi, she represented the entire Warlock profession, he needed Shen Yanxiao to partic.i.p.ate as a Warlock in this tournament.

Only when Shen Yanxiao topped the Long Xuan Empire's school tournament as a Warlock it was possible for Warlocks to have a bright future!

Yun Qi had always believed that his student would be able to bring the Warlock back to the peak and make the people of Radiance Continent accept this profession once again.

However, watching the upcoming hope, but suddenly disappeared without a trace, Yun Qi's mood was especially heavy.

Could it be that G.o.d still refused to let the Warlocks off?

Or would this last hope be completely seized?

"Good disciple, where are you?"

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 495

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