The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 660

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Hearing Shen Yanxiao pushed the problem down on his head, Su He still had a faint smile on his pale face.

Soon, Su He was surrounded by a group of architectural talents, and one after another, they scrambled to inquire about the ores that The Rising Sun City had reserved.

From Su He's mouth, these people finally realized that apart from the dangers, the Barren Land also had rich features. All kinds of rare ores were almost no different from any ordinary stones in this area. To have so many, they just needed to spend some time digging.

The news made this group of people, who had initially planned to use obsidian meticulously, weeping with tears. Before, Qi Xia had given them many benefits before they agreed to enter the Barren Land. Now, even if they catch them, they would never leave this place.

Even if they were to die, they would absolutely stay here.

The rich mineral resources in here could definitely create a fantastic city, an untouchable city that had never been seen before!

The hot-blooded construction staff, one by one, quickly divided The Rising Sun City between themselves for them to handle.

Because the entire shape of The Rising Sun City was a circle, so they directly made the central tower as the starting point, then spread the construction of houses to the surrounding areas. They retained the original two city gates at the front and rear, which were directly connected by a road. From the front gates through the central square then through the rear gates.

The construction staff drastically planned the shape of the future city based on The Rising Sun City's blueprints while Su He led the mining teams to continue mining ore.

Everything was moving in a beautiful direction.

The five animals also found Shen Yanxiao at this time and discussed with her about the development of The Rising Sun City after the construction of the entire city was done.

“What do you guys think?” Shen Yanxiao got dizzy after being asked by a group of people over the past two days. Yin Jiuchen was standing behind her and helped her to gently rub her temples with her little hands.

“Are you planning to build an independent bunker here, or are you planning to turn it into a real city?” Qi Xia, as someone from a family of businessmen, possessed great insights into the development of a city.

"Of course it's a real city. I don't want to go to war with a c.r.a.p of a bunker. Besides, there are so many people in my city who need to eat. Although the money in my hands can guarantee that they don't need to worry about food and clothing for a few years, it cannot really make them rely on their own hands to survive in The Rising Sun City, this is fundamental." Shen Yanxiao said seriously.

“Then it will be necessary to set up trade system and attract merchants and commodities to enter here, or develop the characteristics of the Barren Land directly and attract those businessmen who are bent solely on profit to come.” Qi Xia said the words “bent solely on profit” without any pressure at all. That reminded them that he was the biggest profiteer of Long Xuan Empire!

"Characteristics of the Barren Land? The demons?" Tang Nazhi laughed.

"If you want to buy one, I can sell you. With our friends.h.i.+p, I'll give you a 20 percent off!" Shen Yanxiao said.

"Thanks, but my taste is still relatively light." Tang Nazhi waved his hand.

“The demons cannot be commodities, but they are also a problem. Although we have accepted the existence of demons here, it does not mean that others can accept them. We don't have enough bait to introduce businessmen in The Rising Sun City. If the caravan enters The Rising Sun City and found out that there are demons everywhere, I'm afraid that they will be scared into fleeing immediately. It won't be long before the matter about The Rising Sun City having demons spread all over the Radiance Continent, at that time, only ghost will come to you to do business." Qi Xia lazily laid open a fatal problem.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 660

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