The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 662

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The Rising Sun City was in full swing, but some bad news came along.

Shen Yanxiao stared at the letter in her hands, which had been delivered by a messenger. Her eyeb.a.l.l.s almost fell out.

“Sending a special envoy to inspect The Rising Sun City? Is the head of that old fogy of an Emperor broken?”[Raz-P: So, you now calling the Emperor old fogy as well, huh. XD]

The voluminous letter paper contained one message. Long Xuan Empire would soon send a special envoy team to the Barren Land to inspect the progress of the construction of Shen Yanxiao's city.

"He didn't even send me any money, nor any supplies, yet he actually sent a special envoy to my side to inspect my city? Just what's the matter with that Emperor's brain?!" Shen Yanxiao was annoyed. This Emperor was too old to play too much. When the other people entered the Barren Land, Long Xuan Empire had sent a lot of money and materials to help them rebuild the city.

On the other hand, he did not even say anything to her, but he still sent people to see how she built the city.

The arrogant tone between the words and the lines really made it so Shen Yanxiao could not wait to immediately burn this letter.

Qi Xia shrugged and said, "Obviously, the Emperor does not like you, so even if he knows that you have already started building The Rising Sun City, he will still not do anything to support you and instead, he’ll find an excuse to deal with you. And it is only to give the Vermillion Bird Clan face that they sent a special envoy here to pick you up. They will wait for the right time to find an excuse to stop you from building the city, and then make you leave the Barren Land."

"Well, can it be any clearer? That old Emperor said nothing about sending an envoy to Little Xiao, and also did not give funds to her. But he actually sent people to make things difficult for her. He's saying that if Little Xiao is smart enough, she would hurriedly leave the Barren Land and forget about rebuilding the city. " Tang Nazhi smiled insincerely at the absurdity. The Emperor really did not like Shen Yanxiao very much. For this reason, he actually repeatedly criticized her.

The Emperor would send a lot of gold coins to other people, even those with only small achievements in the Barren Land. However, when it came to Shen Yanxiao, support was not necessary. She should be thankful that they had not made trouble for her.

"Logically speaking, the Warlock ident.i.ty of Little Xiao are no longer entertained in the Radiance Continent. Even so, the Emperor will not disregard the face of the Vermillion Bird Clan. But now, he does not seem to worry about offending the Vermillion Bird Clan at all. It is indeed unreasonable." Yang Xi frowned slightly. Things were really weird.

"I don't think that the special envoy this time is going to stop Little Xiao from building the city." Yan Yu said slowly.

“Why do you say so?” Shen Yanxiao crumpled the letter, threw it aside, and looked at Yan Yu.

Yan Yu said, “The Barren Land is a dangerous place. If the Emperor only wants you to stop building the city, he can just leave you alone and cut off your support. It's impossible for him to think that the few of us will come to support you, so in terms of the strength of the Vermillion Bird Clan alone, helping you build the entire Rising Sun City will be difficult. So long as you don't ask the Emperor for help, it would be very difficult for you to build the city. But he actually sent special envoy at this time. I think he did not want to stop you. It may serve another purpose."

"In any case, they have bad intentions for sure." Tang Nazhi snarled.

"What Ah-Yu said makes sense. We can't determine the meaning of the Emperor for now and can only wait for the special envoy to come before making plans. What do you think, Little Xiao?" Qi Xia turned to ask Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao pondered for a moment, and then said, "Regardless of what the special envoy wants to do, in short, there is no benefit to the team. Anyway, if they really want to make a move against me, they also need to see whether they have the ability or not. First, let people pay attention to the vicinity outside the city. If they noticed some strangers approaching, they are to immediately notify me, I will have to see what ability that special envoy has."

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 662

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