The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 672

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"State... State Preceptor, you said in this city there are many... demons?" When Li Qi heard the word 'demon', his whole body s.h.i.+vered and hid behind the Pei Yuan in fear.

"Yes, there are a lot of demons here, and many of them are higher demons that can transform into a human appearance. I think you should give me an explanation, Shen Yanxiao. Whether  you knew of the existence of these demons or not." Pei Yuan looked at Shen Yanxiao with a stern face.

Shen Yanxiao secretly gritted her teeth. Pei Yuan's emergence was definitely unexpected.

Pei Yuan's question was simply could not be answered. Humans were almost non-existent in the Barren Land. If Shen Yanxiao answered that she did not know, it was obviously impossible to explain why she would acquiesce to have so many unidentified humans in the city. If she said otherwise...

Then it was over!

“Previously, I had felt odd about the matter on The Rising Sun City. You are but a child. Yet, you are actually able to clear out all the demons in the main city within a short period of one month. Such a thing has never happened before in the Radiance Continent. Even if tens of thousands of troops are to be deployed, it's still difficult to accomplish this in such a short period of time. The construction of the city walls has been completed. I think that the construction must have already started very early. In that case, when did you actually perform the eradication of the demons? I haven't said much but I secretly observed the people in here. I'm afraid that here in The Rising Sun City, there are a lot of people who are higher demons in human forms." Pei Yuan sneered. In fact, his thought and Shen Yanxiao's thoughts were exactly the same. He was not awaiting Shen Yanxiao's answer. He already knew the truth in his mind.

Shen Yanxiao must be aware that these existences were higher demons!

In this world, there were actually people who dared to a.s.sociate with demons. It simply made one's hair stand on end!

“Shen...Shen Yanxiao! The State Preceptor had asked you, why don't you, did you really leave the demons in this city?” Li Qi had been pale with fright. He couldn’t believe that he was surrounded by a group of demons!

Shen Yanxiao frowned. No matter how she answered the question, Pei Yuan already had the answer. Now, any explanations would just be futile.

After thousands of calculations, she did not calculate the existence of a person with a Mythological Beast within this Special Envoy team!

"Answering and not answering are all the same. I conclude that you're young and ignorant. I'll forgive you for the time being. It's just that the demons in this city must all be eradicated. Today, with the lead of my Mythological Beast Bai Ze[1], you will order your men to eradicate the demons in this city together. I will personally plead to His Majesty the Emperor in the future to temporarily spare your life." Pei Yuan remained aloof, displaying a n.o.ble and lofty posture.

[1] Bai Ze: a legendary creature in China; lit. White Marsh

“State Preceptor! This little girl deceived His Majesty the Emperor, actually a.s.sociating herself with the demons. She made us come into this dangerous place. How can you intercede for her? Such a disloyal and iniquitous person should be hacked into pieces!” With Pei Yuan next to him, Li Qi fiercely accused Shen Yanxiao. G.o.d knew that if he were aware that the demons of The Rising Sun City had not yet been completely eradicated, he would not have come here.

All of these were to be blamed on this dead girl for not having brains. She was actually unable to tell apart humans and demons, putting me in danger now. [Raz-P: srsly dude?? Even if that really is the case, as if you can tell them apart yourself! This man is really so fvking unreasonable.]

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and did not respond. She just stared at Pei Yuan and Li Qi. Suddenly, she lowered her head, and a series of low laughter came from her mouth.

"Forget it. In the end, this is my style. Why should I care too much?" A whisper came from Shen Yanxiao's smiling mouth.

Pei Yuan and others were confused by Shen Yanxiao's strange actions and could only stare at her.

The next second, Shen Yanxiao raised her head, and a strange smile bloomed on her stunning, beautiful face.

"State Preceptor Pei Yuan, did you know how many demons there were in The Rising Sun City?"


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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 672

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