The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 673

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Pei Yuan slightly frowned.

Shen Yanxiao did not wait for him to answer as she said, "I'll tell you. In the beginning, there are 37,800 lower demons! 6,790 middle demons! And 231 Higher demons in The Rising Sun City!"

The three series of numbers Shen Yanxiao had blurted out made the faces of Pei Yuan's group slightly chang.

The number of demons in the five main cities of the Barren Land was indeed much higher than the average city. But, no one had any real data on it. When Shen Yanxiao revealed that there were more than 30,000 demons, it really shocked everyone.

More than 30,000 demons, what a terrible number this was.

In ordinary cities of Barren Land, the number of demons was only several thousand. It was very difficult to break into the tens of thousands. The number of higher demons was also only in the double digits. But even so, it already let the powerful four countries have endless headaches. The three countries were only able to develop a city in the Barren Land at the expense of countless units of money and manpower.


However, the number of demons in The Rising Sun City was already far greater than the sum of the demons in the countries of the other three forces in those years!

The number of people Shen Yanxiao had initially brought into the Barren Land was only one hundred plus people. And even if it was 100,000 people, it would still be absolutely impossible to reclaim the city within a month!

Shen Yanxiao smiled and watched the shock that congealed in everyone's faces. She unhurriedly asked, “State Preceptor, do you know how many demons are there now here in The Rising Sun City?”

Pei Yuan’s heartbeat somewhat accelerated. He did not expect that the initial number of demons in The Rising Sun City would be that much. Although he did not know how many demons Shen Yanxiao had disposed of, he was sure that it would be a very arduous task even if the remaining number of demons was only one-tenth. Earlier, he dared to talk big and spoke about eradicating the demons because he thought there were not that many demons. He only saw a few higher demons. With his own strength, and with the help of his Mythological Beast Bai Ze, fighting them was not impossible.

However, with Shen Yanxiao's expression at the moment, his heart raised an ominous premonition.

Shen Yanxiao smiled lightly and said. "There are 37,800 lower demons, 6,790 middle demons, and 231... higher demons."


Shen Yanxiao's words were like a heavy bomb blasting in Pei Yuan's head. The number of demons in The Rising Sun City actually did not lessen at all!

"How could that be possible? I have clearly seen only a few higher demons. Most parts of this city were still in ruins. You can't hide the lower demons and middle demons. They don't know how to transform into human form, so how can they avoid my observation!" Pei Yuan did not believe it. Shen Yanxiao’s words were just too terrible. If this was really the case, forget about eradicating them, he and Bai Ze would probably be reduced to these demons' rations in minutes.

Shen Yanxiao had somehow suddenly relaxed a lot. She leisurely looked at Pei Yuan who was now under a little panic. She then shook her head.

"State Preceptor, you already know that I dare to leave the higher demons here. So how can I not hide the other demons?"

"You!" Pei Yuan shouted ‘not good’ inwardly. Shen Yanxiao's att.i.tude right now was obviously different from before. Before, this little girl repeatedly exercised forbearance to keep peace. But now, she had an insolent face and even admitted her connections with the demons.

Pei Yuan, who had met countless people, naturally knew that this was a dangerous sign.

In fact, the self-proclaimed wise Pei Yuan had actually brought a huge disaster to himself and their team.

Out of thousands of things he shouldn’t be saying, he actually picked the matter about the demons.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 673

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