The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 68

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Chapter 68-Slapping Oneself Part 1


All of the members were concentrated within the main room of the Vermillion Bird Clan’s mansion. As he sat in the main seat, a little bit of nervousness was shown on his dignified face.

“What have the people who were sent to the city gates said? They still haven’t spotted the reflection of the group of carriages?” Shen Feng wrinkled his eyebrows as he asked Shen Ling who was standing at his side.  

As early as two days ago, they’d already received the information that had been sent from the G.o.d’s Domain, that the troops that had proceeded towards the lava valley were already returning. Apart from this spatter of brief news, the G.o.d’s Envoys from the G.o.d’s Domain simply hadn’t leaked out any more information. For these two days, the entire Vermillion Bird Clan had all appeared to be somewhat unable to sit or stand still out of nervousness.

Everyone was very clear that, so long as the sage was successful in rousing the Vermillion Bird,  among the four youngsters that had left for the lava valley, there’d certainly be one that had signed the contract with the Vermillion Bird.

Right now, they were very nervous, for after all, no one knew whether or not the sage had been successful in rousing the Vermillion Bird.

After all, the Vermillion Bird had already been laying dormant for a century, so no one had a hundred percent certainty in it.

After receiving the news from the G.o.d’s Domain, Shen Feng had at once dispatched people to watch over the city gate around the clock, in order to ensure that they were capable of relaying the news the first moment they spotted the troops’ return.

It had already been more than a century. It had already been more than a century since the Vermillion Bird Clan had lost the Vermilion Bird, and after a century, they’d once again possess the possibility to see the Vermillion Bird—which in regard to the entire clan, was extremely important.

The wait, for every minute and every second that pa.s.sed, seemed to be drawn out and endless.

Shen Ling said, “There still hasn’t been any news, but according to the estimation of their time, they ought to be quickly returning already. Father, you don’t have to be excessively anxious, for Heaven will definitely a.s.sist the Vermillion Bird Clan, and this trip was certainly bound to achieve immediate victory.”  

Shen Feng sighed, he was already more than half a century old. If this time they weren’t able to roused the Vermillion Bird, then it was very likely that, for the rest of his life, he’d have no opportunity to see the Vermillion Bird again.

The main room was a place of extreme quiet, and everyone was incessantly anxious like Shen Feng in their hearts.

With large strides, the retinue with a hastened expression rushed into the main room.

Shen Ling could right away recognise with a single glance that this person was indeed the clan servant that he’d dispatched to the city hall to watch over it.

“Information for the clan head! They’ve returned! Our clan’s carriages have returned!” The retinue excitedly opened his mouth.

Shen Feng’s expression jolted, and both of his hands were somewhat trembling as they held onto the chair’s armrests.

“Quick! Quickly follow me to meet the sage!” The excited voice had somewhat changed pitch. Shen Feng impatiently got up and called for the others that were within the main room to hurry over to the entrance of the Vermillion Bird Clan.

Before the entrance, seven to eight carriages had uniformly halted at the doorway. The sage had already taken the lead, and had stepped out of the carriage with a lukewarm smiling expression on his face. Shen Feng rashly lead everyone out of the entrance and welcomed the sage.

“Sage, thank you for troubling yourself on this trip! Please, do enter and rest!” Shen Feng after all was still earnest, for he knew that even if it had reached this point, he still had to maintain his respect towards the sage.

“Luckily, there was no disgrace brought to the mission, therefore congratulations to you senior. “ The sage faintly smiled, and announced the good news that everyone had long been waiting for.

The Vermillion Bird had indeed been roused!

After all of the younger generations of the Vermillion Bird Clan that were on the scene heard this news, they drew in a breath of cold air. The Vermillion Bird, to them, was indeed extremely important, and anyone else would also be unable to understand their longing for the Vermillion Bird. The pleasant surprise was crammed inside everyone’s hearts, and in order not to be lacking in manners before the sage, they could only resist the ecstasy that was on their face with great difficulty. However, the hurried and, with bated breath, had already sold their hearts out.  

In their lives, they’d unexpectedly, truly be able to see the Vermillion Bird!

This matter was one that many clan members yearned for even in their dreams!

Shen Feng almost cried tears of joy. As he was somewhat choked with sobs, he nodded his head and, with a blazing gaze, walked towards the few carriages that were behind the sage.

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 68

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