The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 728

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"It seems that they are on full defense.” Shen Yanxiao sneered. The Vermillion Bird Clan’s strangeness was obviously aimed at her. They knew that Vermillion Bird had strong senses; therefore, they used such trick to s.h.i.+eld against Vermillion Bird’s perception.


It seemed that they had started guarding themselves ever since the news was somehow leaked out.


"Ah, they are really cautious right now. That Shen Yue is an idiot who can’t think carefully, hence this must be Shen Duan’s work.” Even if she was in the Barren Land and was far away from this place, Shen Duan had actually planned ahead and prepared so much. Even if Shen Yanxiao used her toes to think, she would still know that the Vermillion Bird Clan was already a dangerous place. Shen Duan must have been counting the days and antic.i.p.ated her to quickly go into their trap after hearing the news.


Knowing that she had a contract with the Vermillion Bird, yet he still dared to act like this, he must be holding a great chip on his hands!


Unfortunately, Shen Duan had never thought that besides of Vermillion Bird, she still had another ace up her sleeve.


And that was, she was a G.o.dly thief!


Although Xiu could not feel the presence of Shen Feng and Shen Ling, Shen Yanxiao could still personally find them in the Vermillion Bird Clan Residence.


With her skill, along with the Moonlight Necklace that Yun Qi gave her, not to mention a Second Stage Professional, even if it were a G.o.d, they would still not be able to feel her presence.


After making up her mind, Shen Yanxiao temporarily left the premise of the Vermillion Bird Clan.


After returning, she knew that she must not be hasty. Since Shen Duan was waiting for her to walk into his trap, if she were to go there in a disordered state, then she might just go on the path that Shen Duan wanted her to take.


Shen Yanxiao quickly left the Vermillion Bird Clan and went to the Imperial Capital streets to find a restaurant to stay temporarily until it got dark. By then, she would sneak into the Vermillion Bird Clan to find the two people.


Since Shen Yanxiao was still worried about her grandfather’s safety, she could not manage to eat all the food and only managed to barely fill her stomach. She sat on the restaurant’s window sill and looked at the crowd on the street.


The street was crowded and people flowed like a wave. Shen Yanxiao had just faintly glanced when her eyes quickly saw a familiar figure!


On the street, Shen Yifeng was wearing a black outfit while being followed by two servants as they walk along the crowd.


Shen Yanxiao had never seen Shen Yifeng ever since leaving the Vermillion Bird Clan to go to the Holy Roland School. Shen Yifeng was originally a student of the Swordsman Branch, but she didn’t know why he hadn’t come back for the past six months she was in Holy Roland School.


Seeing Shen Yifeng today, Shen Yanxiao was actually surprised.


Because the current Shen Yifeng and the person she had previously known seemed completely different.


Though he still had a hypocritical yet elegant face, Shen Yifeng’s entire presence seemed to have changed. Looking at him from a distant place, she could feel that his fake smile was not the same as it was in the past; it was now colder.


He had an expressionless face while he was being accompanied by his two servants. His cold eyes were not looking fixedly at anything.


"Xiu, is that Shen Yifeng?" If not for that same facial features, Shen Yanxiao would not a.s.sociate this very difficult to read and cold presence with the hypocrite Shen Yifeng that she knew.


‘It is him, but he seems to be different than he was previously. His presence seems to be much stronger than before. It seems that he had reached the peak of the initial stage and is now an Advanced Swordsman.’


Xiu’s words made Shen Yanxiao secretly surprised.


More than six months ago, Shen Yifeng was only a Primary Swordsman. How could he suddenly break through three levels and become an Advanced Swordsman?


Shen Yanxiao’s ascension was due to the Seven Stars Locking Moon seal on her body that Xiu had greatly helped in unlocking. However Shen Yifeng’s previous inner talent could only be regarded as above average, for him to improve this fast was almost impossible.


If Shen Yanxiao didn’t see it right before her eyes, she would have never believed such a strange situation.


Shen Yifeng’s disappearance these past six months and his great improvement in strength made Shen Yanxiao very confused.



Shen Yanxaio: (◞‸◟;)

Xiu: What are you doing?

Shen Yanxaio: *grumbles* I thought I was the best cultivator in this world. *drawing circles at the side*

 Xiu: If you can't become the best cultivator in the world because someone is holding it, then can't you just kill that person? Then you'll be the best alive cultivator in this world. (-_-)

Shen Yanxiao: You're right! (*^*) Thanks for the tip~ Hehehe come here Shen Yifeng~


*In the future*

Shen Duan: What? You're a senior in three professions? You mean, you who was previously a good for nothing achieved this much after some time?! Σ(゜ロ゜;)

Shen Yanxiao: Yeah I know, it's too weak compared to Shen Yifeng. Don't worry I swar to work harder!

Shen Duan: ...WHO SAID THAT? You mean your talent is still considered inferior than his? That's ridiculous! Let's not even put how rare it is for a person to have three profession, but just for a good for nothing to become a senior professional in a short amount of time is truly insane!

Shen Yanxiao: Ohh.... Next time, maybe I shouldn't follow a G.o.d's standard.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 728

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