The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 732

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Shen Yanxiao quickly slipped away, leaving the hall and chasing after Shen Yifeng.


After Shen Yanxiao left the hall of the Azure Dragon Clan, only two figures were left inside; they was the father and son, Yang Qiong and Yang Kai.


Yang Qiong’s complexion turned somewhat green. The completely stubborn old man smashed the wooden table, his whole body burning with rage.


"Outrageous! This is outrageous! For my Azure Dragon Clan to fall into such a state where a stupid lousy brat can just strut around our place and show off! This is simply humiliating! How could I face our Azure Dragon Clan’s ancestors with this!” Yang Qiong's eyes were solemn and stirring. He couldn’t put down his beliefs till the end. If Yang Kai did not open his mouth, then this stubborn old man would have become hostile against Shen Yifeng.


The smile on Yang Kai’s face had vanished. His face had a hint of helplessness and bitterness as he looked at his father’s solemn face, “Father, we have no other options, considering the situation we are in now. You have already known the situation within the Vermillion Bird Clan. For the time being, we can’t afford to offend the people over there. If you were to go against him, then I’m afraid our Azure Dragon Clan might become the next victim.”


Yang Qiong sighed deeply, his eyes full of sorrow.


"Ha, what five great clans s.h.i.+t? Look at us! Now we need to bow down our heads to others. Those shameful siblings of the Vermillion Bird Clan are really stupid. Do they think by inviting a tiger into their clan they’ll become big? They unexpectedly invited that group of people inside the Vermillion Bird Clan. I say in the future, the Vermillion Bird Clan can only exist in name, and would be but mere puppets!”  


“All of this is an expedient measure. Shen Duan of the Vermillion Bird Clan is a ruthless person who does not care about the consequences. For him to do such a thing, naturally he will have his retribution. So father must not let his heart be filled with anger.” Yang Kai comforted.


Yang Qiong shook his head and sighed.


"If it weren’t because the guardian beasts of the five great clans had been sleeping this entire time, how could our five great clans be subjected to this kind of suppression? How could others easily bully us? When the tiger falls down, it will be bullied by the dogs! Such a depressing thing! "


The five great clans used to be powerful and imposing; in the entire Radiance Continent, there weren’t a lot of people that could compete against them.


However, when the five guardian beasts unexpectedly went into a deep slumber, the strength of the five great clans was reduced a lot. Now, they could only dominate the Long Xuan Empire.


"Everything will be fine now that the five great beasts have awakened and Yang Xi has signed a contract with the Azure Dragon, everything will gradually get better. We only need to hide our strength and bide our time for now, and we must not clash with the other side for the time being. Then, when we have fully recovered our strength, we no longer need to fear them.” Yang Kai could not bear to see his father in despair. He himself also didn’t feel any better about it, but they had no other alternatives.


The seemingly imposing five great clans in fact had been existing in name only for a long time now. From their previous strength that covered the entire Radiance Continent, now they could only curl themselves up in the Long Xuan Empire; this kind of complicated feeling, only the Clan Heads of the past generations could understand.


“Get better? The Vermillion Bird Clan are already in imminent danger. Now that they dare to start taking out the Vermillion Bird Clan, there’s a big chance they already have that kind of idea ever since. Now it’s the Vermillion Bird Clan, next it will be the other four clans.” Yang Qiong was filled with sadness. Their only hope now was that Yang Xi, his grandson who had signed a contract with their Mythological Beast, Azure Dragon, could turn the tide and save the Azure Dragon Clan.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 732

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