The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 734

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"Who is it! To actually hide yourself in the dark and secretly launched an attack. How shameless!” Shen Yifeng bravely suppressed the chill in his heart. He did not feel anyone’s presence at all, yet his two servants actually died. To be able to escape his perception, the other side’s strength must be above his. Since his level now was Advanced Swordsman, then that meant the other side could only be a Second Stage Professional.

Even the current Shen Yifeng still had no confidence in confronting a Second Stage Professional.

To his astonishment, a pet.i.te figure appeared in the alley.

Shen Yifeng narrowed his eyes and looked at the little kid who seemed to be fourteen years old. His gaze fell on the dark bow that she was holding.

A little kid?

Shen Yifeng did not think that it would be someone younger than him.

He thought that even if the other side was not in a Second Stage Profession, at least the person would certainly be stronger than him, therefore he had not made any move. But to actually see a little brat who was only as tall as his chest appear before him, this really made him very surprised.

"Is this your doing?” Shen Yifeng looked suspiciously at Shen Yanxiao, who was not far from him. His two servants were struck with an arrow in their chest, and this little brat was holding a bow; everything was crystal clear at a glance.

However, he could not figure out why he could not perceive the presence of this little brat before him.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Shen Yifeng; the corner of her mouth was slightly hooked up as she sneered.

"So what?"

"Little brat, who are you? Are you aware of my ident.i.ty?" Shen Yifeng did not dare to act rashly. Though he could clearly see this little brat, he still could not perceive her presence. If he was not looking at her with his own two eyes, then even if she were to stand before Shen Yifeng, he still would not notice her existence at all.

"I’m aware." Shen Yanxiao sneered, "A young master from the Vermillion Bird Clan, Shen Duan’s son.”

Shen Yifeng slightly frowned. For the other side to know his ident.i.ty yet still dare to shoot, she was obviously targeting him.

However, Shen Yifeng truly did not know when he had provoked such a strange little brat, whose existence could be felt by an Advanced Swordsman’s perception. If he were able to sense her, he would not have any impression.

Shen Yifeng was very angry about being attacked, but he was not a fool. For him not to be able to feel the other side’s presence meant that her strength was far superior to his own.  He was afraid that if he attacked, his gain would not equal his loss.

“This one doesn’t know senior’s honored name, and if this senior knows that this one’s master, Ruan Yingzhe, is from the Broken Star Palace. Could it be this senior has some misunderstandings?” Shen Yifeng subconsciously thought that the little brat in front of him was a Second Stage Professional. After all, for anyone to escape his perception could only meant they already had the strength of a Second Stage Professional.

Although he was surprised to see how young Shen Yanxiao looked like, Shen Yifeng heard from Ruan Yingzhe that Second Stage Professionals were not only powerful but also had the ability to maintain a youthful appearance and could even make themselves look younger.

Perhaps, this strong person before him looked like this for that reason.

It must be said that Shen Yanxiao's moonlight necklace had greatly misled Shen Yifeng. Shen Yanxiao was still currently a Senior Professional in all of her three professions. If each of them were to be compared with Shen Yifeng’s strength, then her strength was one level below him.

However, because of the moonlight necklace’s ability to conceal one’s presence, it directly led Shen Yifeng into making a big error in his judgement and, therefore, he did not dare to provoke this opponent.

To the point that even though his two servants were killed before him, he didn’t dare to easily get angry.


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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 734

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