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In the Vermillion Bird Clan's hall, Ruan Yingzhe sat on the main seat. Shen Duan and Shen Yue sat on his both sides respectively. In the lower position sat the Clan Heads of the other four clans!

“Shen Yifeng’s injury has been stable. I don’t know what other instructions does Senior Ruan have?” The old man with a gentle face slowly opened his mouth. He was the current Clan Head of the White Tiger Clan, Yan Hua, the grandfather of Yan Yu. Shen Yifeng was seriously injured, so Ruan Yingzhe came to Yan Hua, who was an Advanced Priest and invited him to the Vermillion Bird Clan to treat Shen Yifeng.

On both sides of Yan Hua were the Clan Head of the Azure Dragon Clan, Yang Qiong; the Clan Head of the Qilin Clan, Qi Cang; and Tang Ao, the Clan Head of the Black Tortoise Clan.

A few of them received an invitation from Ruan Yingzhe early in the morning and entered the Vermillion Bird Clan where they had not set foot in for many decades.

"No hurry. I have asked you several people to come today because there is something I need to say." Not only did he not show fear while facing the Clan Heads of the four great clans, his unusual arrogance also seemed as if he completely did not put Yan Hua and others in his eyes.

Once, the five great clans were blessed with the strength of the five ancient Mythological Beasts. There were countless elites within their ranks. However, when the five Mythological Beasts fell into deep slumber for many years, the forces of the five great clans had gradually shrunk. Even if the five Mythological Beasts had now reappeared, they could not recover their previous strength in a short time.

The five great clans that could compete with the Broken Star Palace once had now become fishes on the chopping board.

“What could be the matter?” Although Qi Cang was already old, his ears and eyes were still sharp. His eyebrows were similar to Qi Xia’s, but his experiences acc.u.mulated in many years made him appear more calm and wise.

Ruan Yingzhe replied, "According to Vermillion Bird Clan Head, Shen Duan, several months ago, it seemed that something unpleasant happened in your several families. Some unscrupulous thief sneaked into your residences to steal things, causing you to suffer heavy losses."

Qi Cang and others were experienced veteran. For Ruan Yingzhe to suddenly mentioned the stealing event that happened some time ago at this time, it must not be simple.

Several old foxes observed first before responding.

"There is indeed that matter." Tang Ao said.

“As I recall, your five great clans have so much power and prestige, despite that, you were actually visited by a puny thief several times, and the person hasn’t been even caught yet? That’s really something else.” Ruan Yingzhe had a sneer on the corner of his mouth and did not bother to hide his mockery for the five great clans.

Although Qi Cang and the others were angry in their hearts, they knew that they were now unable to compete with the Broken Star Palace and could only gnash their teeth in silence.

"The Broken Star Palace and the five great clans still had some relations, I can't bear to see you being humiliated like this, so as long as you can find that thief, I can deal with him for you. I have already investigated, that person is Gu Qingming, the second-in-command of the Silver Hands, as for the rest, I will rely on your five great clans to search for his whereabouts.” Ruan Yingzhe talked as if it was for their sake, but everyone knew that Ruan Yingzhe was not that good-hearted.

They heard that Ruan Yingzhe’s disciple was injured by an Archer yesterday, angering Ruan Yingzhe.

Just how clever the heads of these several great clans were? Ruan Yingzhe invited them today, not to help them save their faces, but to take advantage of their clans to get revenge for his disciple.

As for whether Gu Qingming was really that thief or not did not matter to them anymore. It was something that happened more than half a year ago. Although the five great clans had some troubles keeping their faces at that time, those things that had been stolen were things that were not difficult to part with, so they didn’t intend to continue pursuing the matter.

Ruan Yingzhe proposed this matter now, only because he wanted to use the connections of the five great clans in the Long Xuan Empire to help him find that person’s whereabouts.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 750

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