The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 757

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"Heh, you’re actually hiding such stuff. It's a pity that the three component force I released just now is something you can't resist for long. Even if you have a lot of potions, it won't change the outcome." Ruan Yingzhe looked arrogantly at Shen Yanxiao. Even if Shen Yanxiao could rely on high-level healing potions to treat her injuries, she couldn’t hurt him in the slightest.


The gap between her and a Second Stage Professional was so big, just like a chasm that couldn’t be crossed.


"The outcome?" Shen Yanxiao chuckled, she raised her head and looked at Ruan Yingzhe.


"Is it the outcome that you will die?"


With a touch of smile, Shen Yanxiao spread her arms wide, and then a faint fog rushed out of her chest.


The faint fog gradually condensed into a human form in the air, and a stunning man appeared in the crowd's sight.


His long dark hair and golden eyes were particularly eye-catching under the moonlight.


The handsome Xiu were suspended mid-air, it was as if a G.o.d had descended, his cold face with absolute majesty, overlooking at the sentient beings under his feet.


"You ... Who are you?" Shen Duan was shocked to see Xiu who impressively appeared in the air. That pair of golden eyes which swept over him gave his whole body a chill. Obviously, the man was just quietly suspended in the air, yet it brought him pressure that he had never felt before. Even in the face of Ruan Yingzhe, Shen Duan did not feel such intense pressure.


Ruan Yingzhe’s eyes were slightly narrowed. The moment Xiu emerged, an invisible pressure completely shrouded him. Him, an incomparable strong man, felt such a pressure for the first time.


And this pressure actually came from the man who was not doing anything at all.


"Golden eyes, who are you?" Ruan Yingzhe asked in a deep voice.


Xiu’s cold and golden eyes swept over Shen Duan and Ruan Yingzhe; his thin lips opened and an ice-cold voice came into the ears of the crowd.


"You don't deserve to know my name."


His icy voice sent chills through everyone in the scene.


The powerful suffocating pressure covered everybody. Several not-so-powerful guards had already collapsed to the ground and s.h.i.+vered as soon as they heard Xiu speak.


Ruan Yingzhe was internally surprised. In his life, he had never encountered such a tyrannical power. Just a few words from him, and he already overwhelmed people into fainting. Even within the Broken Star Palace, such strength had never existed.


Just who exactly was this man with golden eyes?


"Xiu, I leave that old man of the Second Stage Profession to you, I will deal with everything else myself afterwards." Shen Yanxiao's mouth raised a hint of bloodthirsty smile.


The so-called formidable strength, is also just mediocre.


"As you wish." Xiu faintly opened his mouth. The extraordinary figure of the handsome man turned into a silver light even before his voice fell to the ground.


He was faster than lightning; no one had the time to react, even Ruan Yingzhe did not notice Xiu’s action.


In the next second, Ruan Yingzhe's mouth burst into a series of shrill screams.


Everyone followed the sound, only to see that in the sky, under the moonlight, the handsome man had already carried the whole person of Ruan Yingzhe in the air.


Xiu’s hand was clutching Ruan Yingzhe’s neck. There was no expression on his handsome face. It was as if a powerful Second Stage Professional was nothing but an ant in his eyes.


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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 757

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