The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 767

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"Little Xiao? She’s great." Upon mentioning Shen Yanxiao’s name, Qi Xia’s face unconsciously showed an affectionate smile.

"I have never seen such an amusing little guy.” He remembered the first time they met, when her face was still covered by an ordinary-looking mask. Qi Xia was unable to resist chuckling upon recalling that after the time they talked, his life in the Holy Roland School became more interesting.

It was never boring around that little guy.

She always created surprises for them.

Qi Cang’s eyes flashed; his face contained a smile. He pretended to be calm and said, "Well, I also think that little girl is great. Although she is still young, she is very strong, and her behavior is very steady. So much so that I sometimes do not see her as a fourteen-year-old child.”  

Qi Cang was not just blindly praising Shen Yanxiao highly; this was just because Shen Yanxiao’s performance in the Vermillion Bird Clan Residence was really amazing.

Even when she was standing before that highly arrogant Ruan Yingzhe, she still managed to remain calm, without the slightest bit of fear, as she reversed the crisis of the Vermillion Bird Clan.

Except for that little girl, Qi Cang could not think of anyone in the entire Long Xuan Empire that could do such a thing.

Unique strength, exceeding her age’s normal mentality, and having such a high self-confidence, these traits were beyond anyone’s expectations.

Qi Cang himself had met countless people in his life, yet only a few could be compared to Shen Yanxiao. What’s more, that little girl looked particularly charming; anyone looking at her would feel extremely pleased.

"Youngster Xia, I have never seen you helping others, yet you actually dedicatedly helped that little girl."

Qi Xia chuckled, "Grandpa, she deserves my help."

"You don’t know about it but that day when someone from the Yeats Academy of the Lan Yue Dynasty came at Holy Roland School, a mentor and a student from the Pharmaceutical Branch of the Holy Roland School framed Tang Nazhi and forced him to drop out. After that little girl learned about this, without any words, she began a war against the two men and even fought against two gifted Pharmacists just to give Nazhi justice. Although she is young, she is very respectful and sincere to those who are also respectful and sincere to her, and would even go to troubled waters just to give justice to her friends."

To those who considered her as a friend and treated her well, Shen Yanxiao would return the same good treatment. This kind of person who would stay during their friend’s difficulties and would enjoy sharing her blessings with others was difficult to find in the world.

"Grandpa, you once said that people are unpredictable and treat anyone with reservations. But you don't know that when you show your full support to her, she will repay it back with her feelings that can make anyone feel intoxicated. Money and riches are easy to get, but how hard is it to find a lifetime friend who would be there with you in your difficult times? How lucky I am to actually find five people as my lifetime friends, even in my difficult times? That’s why I will give anything for them.” Qi Xia smiled. He was a treacherous fox, but if it was for the Phantom, then he would do anything.

May it be life or death or trials and tribulations.

These ten words were easy to say, but how many in this world could actually do it?

How many people out there were really willing to help even if they were to get in danger for the sake of the others? There were a lot of people who only thought of each other for their own interests.

True friends.h.i.+p was rare in this world. A person willing to sacrifice everything for others, how precious would they be?

After listening to his words, Qi Cang was moved a lot. Although he was the Clan Head of the Qilin Clan, he had never encountered such a genuine friends.h.i.+p in his whole life. He looked at Qi Xia’s face that had a smile on, and could not help but feel a bit envious.

"Yes, no matter how much money you have, you cannot buy a true, genuine friend…”

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 767

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