The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 789

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After three days of preparation, the Vermillion Bird Clan finally packed up the whole family. This time, they did not take the carriage and instead rode on the Mythological Beast’s back. 

When Shen Ling set his trembling foot on the Azure Dragon's scales, he felt that his life had been fulfilled. 

A group of guards also felt that their lives were all complete. 

Being able to use the Mythological Beasts as a means of transportation made them feel like they were dreaming. 

After the Seventh Miss gave them food to eat, and let them sit on the back of a Mythological Beast, they would never leave the Vermillion Bird Clan in this life. 

The crowd was full of excitement in their hearts as they were sitting on Azure Dragon with a serious att.i.tude. They looked steadily forward, but their trembling hands were sneakily and quietly touching the Azure Dragon's scales. 

At this moment, they really felt an extreme excitement; they wanted to cry. 

This was the legendary Mythological Beast, ah. Was it really fine to use it as a means of transportation? 

It was just so extravagant! 

"Little Xiao, where’s Vermillion Bird ?" Shen Ling’s whole self was almost lying on the Azure Dragon’s back, feeling the mighty and domineering beast with his entire body. 

Shen Yanxiao said, "I told Vermillion Bird to go back first and explain the situation to the people of The Rising Sun City." 

Shen Ling blankly nodded. 

Shen Yanxiao had completely regarded the Mythological Beasts as vehicles and tiny vanguards. 

Was this really okay? 

The greatest advantage of riding a Mythological Beast was that it could avoid the examination at the border. Shen Yanxiao had taken advantage of the night to depart with the whole family. Otherwise, if people discovered them, the chance that the Broken Star Palace would be slowed down in tracing their whereabouts would fall, to some extent. 

Vermillion Bird Clan residence had become an empty house overnight. 

In the darkness, Shen Yanxiao’s one group of people flew slowly towards The Rising Sun City. 


After three days of flying, the group would finally arrive at The Rising Sun City on the afternoon of the third day. This time, along with Shen Yanxiao, and with the exception of the five animals, the entire family of the Vermillion Bird Clan consisted of eight people. Apart from Shen Ling, Shen Feng, and Shen Qiu, they had only brought the five loyal guards along. 

Shen Feng sat on the back of Azure Dragon. Yan Yu and Shen Qiu had taken care of him over the past few days, so his body was a bit better now. But moving into the Barren Land, his spirit was also tense. He reckoned that Shen Yanxiao’s city should still be in the process of the eradicating the demons. 

Although there were no major dangers with six Mythological Beasts sitting on their side, they must still be extremely careful. 

However, when Azure Dragon was getting closer and closer to The Rising Sun City, Shen Feng's expression appeared a little strange. 

“What is that?” At a certain distance, Shen Feng saw the towering city. Under the sunlight, the walls of the city s.h.i.+mmered with glory. In this dilapidated Barren Land, there would unexpectedly be a majestic city. After thousands of years of wind and rain, there was not even the slightest point of destruction. As a new city standing in a deserted land, it was particularly attractive. 

Shen Yanxiao looked at The Rising Sun City with her eyes. She slightly smiled and said, “Grandpa, that’s The Rising Sun City. We’ll be home later.” 

“That's… The Rising Sun City?” Shen Feng opened his eyes wide. The appearance of The Rising Sun City from his imagination was too different. He had difficulty digesting this reality  for a time. 

"The main city of the Demon Race is incredibly st.u.r.dy. After thousands of years of baptism by war, it is still so solid." A group of guards looked at the not far away Rising Sun City, and their hearts were very astonished. 

Tang Nazhi on one side rolled his eyes. 

Bnlls.h.!.+t, this was clearly the result of Shen Yanxiao’s hard work in constructing the city. The previous Rising Sun City could not become a place for humans to live, as it had the possibility of collapsing any minute. 

The five animals fully knew the things about The Rising Sun City. However, they did not see Shen Yanxiao explaining. Hence, they also shut their mouths and said nothing


"Little Xiao, this is?" Shen Feng stared at the handsome young man with a doubtful look. Lan Fengli’s shout of “sister” made him confused. 

He remembered that his youngest son had only given him a granddaughter. Where did this little guy come from? 

When Lan Fengli heard Shen Feng’s inquiry, he somewhat stiffly released Shen Yanxiao. His white, little face revealed a shy look, and he stood behind Shen Yanxiao sheepishly.

Shen Feng: Wait a minute, haven't I met you already?

Lan Fengli: W-What do you mean?

Shen Feng: I think we've met each other in a previous chapter...

Shen Yanxiao: Maybe you're just getting deja vu?

Shen Feng: No I could have sworn we already met! Is there an error here?!

Sky: Shush. We don't know either but that's how the script goes soo...

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 789

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