The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 792

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Shen Yanxiao introduced the backbone members of The Rising Sun City to Shen Feng and Shen Ling. 


Du Lang, the leader of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps; Uncle Jiu, who was responsible for the land reclamation teams; and Su He, who led the the mining team. 


There were also several other people who made Shen Feng and Shen Ling very shocked. 


The first was Ye Qing, a Master Pharmacist whose name could move the entire Radiance Continent. He was unexpectedly here in The Rising Sun City.


Just how many people from the four countries of the Radiance Continent were looking forward to getting Ye Qing's favor? Even if they could only get a bottle of potion from him, they would already be satisfied. Every Pharmacist also wors.h.i.+pped Ye Qing as a lifelong idol; even if they could just get one word of guidance from Ye Qing, they would already be grateful. 


For such a Master Pharmacist to be willing to come to the Barren Land for Shen Yanxiao was truly unbelievable. 


Immediately afterwards, Shen Yanxiao introduced Yun Qi to Shen Feng. 


When Shen Feng learned that Shen Yanxiao’s Warlock skills were taught by the old man in front of him, he was even more astonished. He had always thought that Warlocks had already disappeared from the Radiance Continent; he did not expect that, in his lifetime, he could still see such an old Warlock. 


After being shocked, the next two people Shen Yanxiao took him to see made Shen Feng’s mouth twitch. 


“This is the State Preceptor Pei Yuan. This is Prince Long Yue.” Far different from the solemn introduction of Ye Qing and Yun Qi, Shen Yanxiao only pointed her finger to the two people standing in front of them. 


Shen Feng almost fainted. 


Before, he had heard that Pei Yuan and Prince Long Yue had suddenly gone missing. Although the Emperor deliberately concealed this information, Shen Feng still caught wind of it. He was curious as to what kind of person was impatient to die, actually abducting Pei Yuan and Long Yue. However, it never crossed his mind that he would actually see the two people in Shen Yanxiao’s city. 


Even if he thought with his toes, he could still conclude that Pei Yuan and Long Yue were not staying here of their own accord. He feared that their family's Shen Yanxiao had used some tough means to...


Shen Feng was speechless. Although the the five great clans had a very high status in the Long Xuan Empire, there was no contact with the royal family, which was also to safeguard the majesty of the Imperial Power. Even though the Emperor held the army in his hands, his overall strength was still unable to contend with that of the five great clans. The only one who had this ability was the State Preceptor, Pei Yuan, who also possessed a Mythological Beast. 


Although the five great clans were arrogant, they also knew when to advance and to retreat. They would rarely get in conflict with the Emperor. 


And yet, their family’s Shen Yanxiao did a good job. She actually detained the State Preceptor and the Prince in The Rising Sun City. Just how big was her courage? 


Shen Feng was also in a trance when he met with Jia Lan, Jia He, Yao Ji and several other “people”.


He still had not thoroughly recovered from the shock of knowing that Shen Yanxiao had kidnapped the State Preceptor and the Prince, so Shen Feng did not notice at all that the several “people” in front of him were nervous and over-zealous when they saw him. 


Vermillion Bird had brought every word from Shen Yanxiao before. The lower and middle demons of The Rising Sun City should make low-key movements temporarily, and they must not run into the people of the Vermillion Bird Clan. 


Only the higher demons that could change their form could appear in front of Shen Feng and others. Of course, Shen Feng must not discover their ident.i.ty during this period of time, and they must let Shen Feng slowly, subconsciously accept the demons. 


Such a difficult task gave the group of higher demon endless headaches. 


Shen Yanxiao directly a.s.signed the problem of arranging Shen Feng’s rest and livelihood to the higher demons and made them try hard to leave a good impression on her grandfather.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 792

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